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World-Class Features to Build Your World-Class Booking Website

Apphitect Airbnb clone script comes pre-equipped with segment-leading features that will give your business all the agility needed to outwit competitors.

Highlights of Apphitect Airbnb Clone Script

Apphitect vacation rental script is a goodie bag of Airbnb like booking features that will bring your online booking website from idea to reality with minimal effort.

Fetching Features

Deliver a delightful experience for your customers with our php airbnb clone script that boasts of features that look, feel & work identical to world-leading online booking websites.

Latest Updates 1.9

  • User log recording feature provides information on recent activities, device of login, location and status for the last 10 sessions.
  • Multiple payment information of a user can be filed in order to easily switch over to the convenient one.
  • Users & property owners can avail the 'Edit Profile' option in order to edit contact information & additional information like emergency contact number.
  • Property owners & users can view reviews written about them & by them through the 'Reviews About You' & 'Reviews By You' sections, respectively.
  • Users can invite friends on Facebook, Google etc to refer properties and win reward points.
  • 'Cancel Account' feature lets a property owner cancel her his account.

Property Detailing Made Better

  • Any number of images can be added by property owners in the image slider.
  • Users will be provided with suggestion of properties that are similar to what they are currently looking at.
  • Property owners can embed videos from websites like YouTube and Vimeo in listing pages.
  • Special prices according to seasons can be provided for each property.

Booking Options

  • Booking can be done by users for any particular time period, be it hours or days.
  • Subscription based booking - daily, weekly or monthly can be availed by users.
  • Instant notification mails will be sent to users and property owners once a booking is done.
  • Calendars can be blocked to show the already availed time periods.
  • Property owners can block specific hours or days in their booking calendar.
  • For extended working hours, special occasions etc., special prices can be added by the hosts.

Booking Rule Customizations for Hosts

  • Minimum and maximum limits for booking can be set by hosts in 'Hours' and 'Day' time scales.
  • Service hours time limit can be set by hosts.
  • For service request made by customers apart from regular service hours, hosts can set additional fee as 'Overnight Fee'.

User-Friendly Controls

  • Search can be performed based on city, country, date and number of guests.
  • Recently added properties can be found in the property image slider.
  • Users can identify the location of a property with the help of Google map support.
  • Reviews can be posted by users on the properties they have used.
  • Trip list of every user can be tracked completely through their account.
  • Currency switcher in the frontend helps every user switch to their preferred currency.
  • Travelers can directly contact property owners through the internal mailing system.
  • Every property will have detailed description and related information for users to make the booking decision.
  • Search can be done based on time using the home page search bar.
  • Users can make use of advanced filters to search properties based on type and amenities.

Host-Friendly Features

  • Host's booking calendar can be synced with Google calendar for instant updates.
  • Notifications for hosts when a booking is confirmed.
  • Multiple provisions for hosts to provide additional information.
  • Map integration for property locations can be done using the 'Basics' tab.
  • Property images can be uploaded using 'Photos' tab.
  • Property page and profile pages can be previewed before being posted.


  • Hosts have the liberty to set daily, weekly or monthly subscriptions.
  • Recurring payment plans can be customized based on the listing provided by the host.
  • A single property can be provided on multiple subscription plans.
  • Recurring payment updates can be monitored by customers through their recurring payment profiles.
  • Recurring payments are allowed for payment made via PayPal Express checkout.
  • Admin has the control to activate or deactivate subscriptions for all properties.

Verified Properties and Dashboards

  • Properties can be verified with documents like Passport, Photo ID, property-related documents in order to list them as verified properties for users in the frontend.
  • Profile pages acts as dashboard for users and property owners to get to know the recent updates in real-time.
  • Notification options for booking, comments, etc for property owners can be enabled or disabled as per their preference.

New Checkout & Revenue Opportunities

  • Easy single checkout with straightforward interface that makes payment a breeze.
  • Checkout page will be accompanied by information and images of the property being booked.
  • Commission Fee, Processing Fee and Property Listing Fee and ads are the revenue opportunities for the admin.
  • Details on additional charges like security deposit, cleaning can be provided by property owners in the backend.

General Features

  • Multiple languages and payment gateway support.
  • Built in framework and features for instantly setting up a booking and renting business website.
  • Compatible with all major browsers and 1.9 Magento Community Edition.
  • Complete control for admin over host and user activities.
  • Amazon cloud support to go live in minutes.

One Solution Made-To-Fit For Several Industries

Any industry where you need a secure & scalable solution that can be customized to meet the growing demands of any industry.



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