Azure Media Services (AMS) Alternatives & Replacements

Azure Media Services Alternatives

Microsoft has decided to discontinue Azure Media Services and shift its focus to other areas where its growth is more prominent. AMS will be shut down on June 30, 2024, which means that businesses should already start looking for alternatives.

There are platforms that provide you the same services as Microsoft’s AMS and even better. You can migrate all your video content to the alternative of your choice and let your business regulate operations without any hindrances.

Best Azure Media Services Alternatives

Below are some of the most used Azure cloud service alternatives you can consider exploring based on their features.

1. GUDSHO – Online video platform for brands & businesses

GUDSHO offers video hosting and live streaming services and can be a great alternative after AMS retirement. The platform comprises a complete marketing suite with which businesses can attract the right audience and grab exposure. GUDSHO facilitates Akamai CDN to ensure a global and smooth broadcast of your video content. It also lets you monetize your content using SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, and other revenue streams.


  • Smooth Transition for existing AMS Medias
  • Live video streaming to connect local and global audiences
  • Content protection using AES, SSL, geo-blocking, and similar security layers
  • Multi-bitrate streaming for low latency and faster delivery of content
  • Various monetization options, including SVOD, TVOD, and AVOD
  • Video CMS for centralized management
  • Real-time analytics to comprehend the traffic as it happens.
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2. VPlayedSolution to stream, distribute, and monetize your videos

Businesses that require their own platform to deliver their video content worldwide without relying on a third-party provider should opt for VPlayed. This platform designs your own video delivery platform, which you can use to provide on-demand video content. Businesses can also have live streaming functionality and globally connect to their audience in real time.


  • Your own platform for video hosting and live streaming
  • Multiple security standards include AES, SSL, DRM, geo-blocking, etc.
  • Protecting content effectively.
  • 7+ revenue streams such as SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, Affiliates, Donations, and more
  • Video marketing tools such as video branding, metadata management,  CTAs, lead capture forms, etc.
  • Centralized content management system for all your video operations

3. IBM Video Streaming – Video streaming for businesses and enterprises

IBM lets you provide on-demand videos to your audience and stream events in real time. Businesses can utilize the platform for secure internal communications and training. The cloud-based solution makes it an even more secure and efficient platform to design video workflows. This enterprise-grade platform lets businesses have the resources as per their requirement.


  • Live broadcasting of events, webinars, training, and communication
  • Video player that can be embedded and customized for brand promotion
  • Video content that can be played on multiple devices
  • Security options like password protection, restricted embeds, encryptions, etc.
  • CMS to create playlists and perform all video operations

4. Wowza – Embedded video platform for solution builders

Wowza is known for its powerful VOD streaming capabilities that suit enterprises. The platform provides scalability that fulfills every business’s resource requirements. Businesses can have seamless integrations, use APIs and SDKs, and have the smoothest operations. You also get to access CMS to manage everything from one place. Additionally, their monetization methods let you earn on the videos you publish and live the streams you conduct.


  • Solutions for both VOD and live streaming
  • Perfect for broadcasters, religious organizations, events, and more
  • Analytics to provide you with important metrics about viewers and videos
  • Video CDN to process users’ requests more quickly
  • Unique video embedding capabilities
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5. BlendVision – All-in-one video streaming solution

If you are a business associated with elearning or if you want a secure platform for employee communication, webinars, and broadcasting live events, BlendVision is a one-spot solution. The platform is best for encoding purposes as well where you can generate better video quality by employing different codecs and bitrates.


  • All-in-one solution for streaming, monetizing, and encoding
  • Low latency videos in quality up to 4K
  • Interactive tools such as emojis and polls to keep your audience engaged
  • Deliver pre-recorded events as live streams
  • White-label capabilities to brand your videos and streams

6. VdoCipher – Secure video hosting for businesses

VdoCipher is best for those who consider security as their priority. The platform offers various security features such as DRM, encryption, watermarks, and more to keep your videos from illegal downloads or access. VdoCipher is also known for its user-friendly interface if you are into eLearning content creation, video hosting for developers, or want video hosting for an enterprise.


  • White-label platform that customizes your video player
  • Dashboard to easily manage files, payments, and other tasks
  • Video analytics to track video performance and engagement quality
  • Specific support for niches like elearning, healthcare, and enterprise video hosting
  • APIs and SDKs for developers

7. Ikonik – Video streaming and OTT platform

With Ikonik, businesses and content creators can conduct live and hybrid event streaming. Their capability to scale ensures that their resources fit businesses and even enterprises. You can have your OTT solutions developed and monetized with your preferences, such as subscriptions. They also design the most beautiful apps for your services that inspire your audience to stay connected.


  • Deliver streams across platforms and devices simultaneously
  • Lightweight player for fast loading and smooth streaming
  • Options to schedule and auto-publish your recordings
  • Engagement analytics for in-depth insights into your videos
  • Opinions for live chat, polling, Q&A, and more


It’s just a matter of months before Microsoft Azure cloud services will stop functioning. This makes it an ideal time to start looking for alternatives and perform Azure database migration to the newly chosen platform. Above, we have mentioned some of the most popular options that provide features and functionalities like AMS. You can explore these platforms, weigh the pros and cons, consider your budget, and pick the most suitable one.

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