The 11 Best Video Monetization Platforms in 2024

Best Video Monetization Platforms

Businesses that are into video production or grab their audience’s attention using the charm of videos should definitely consider video monetization platforms. These platforms are created to let businesses host their videos online and monetize them. They also let you live stream your events and webinars, among other such happenings that you can monetize simultaneously.

Today, we’ll explore platforms enabling businesses to generate money from video production. Let’s stay along and know more-

Video Monetization (Briefly)

Video content monetization is the process of earning money from hosting your videos online. Many video streaming platforms offer content providers various methods to monetize your videos. You can monetize your videos using subscriptions, advertisements, rentals, and other methods.

Things To Look For In A Video Monetization Platform

Several monetization platforms offer different features to make themselves stand out. However, there are a few factors that every ideal platform should contain. So, while choosing your platform, always check for the following factors.

Multiple Revenue Streams

As you’re choosing your video platform to monetize video content, you should always look for monetization or revenue streams first. Look for a platform with multiple methods, such as SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD. Switching to more than one revenue stream always ensures more income opportunities.

Understandable Pricing Structure

Many platforms offer various pricing plans where they charge you as per the resources you choose. However, you might stumble upon platforms where such pricing plans might seem confusing. For this purpose, explore a few and settle for the one that brings the most clarity and value for the price they charge.

Tip: Look for a platform that can provide more resources as your business grows. This is especially helpful if you own an enterprise, as you would need scalability in the future.

Effortless Payouts

While exploring the platforms, look at their payout methods and see if they are convenient for you. A platform should always offer multiple payout methods to process payments smoothly. In case it doesn’t provide seamless payout methods, keep exploring.

Ease Of Use

This factor can often be overlooked as you might get stuck looking for other features. However, it’s one of the most important factors as it determines how easily your audience would grasp the platform and whether or not they would want to explore more of it.

Content Ownership

Some platforms might claim some amount of ownership over your content once it’s uploaded. You should always check for any such condition, and only go further if you are comfortable sharing the ownership; else, keep looking.

Customer Support

Anytime you get in trouble or have technical queries, you are bound to turn to customer care. For the same, customer care on a platform should be excellent. They should provide 24/7 support via different options such as live chat, calls, and emails.

11 Best Video Monetization Platforms

Below, we’re gonna list some of the most used platforms for video streaming and monetization. You can explore these platforms and choose based on your budget, security, monetization preferences, and other important aspects.


GUDSHO is a video hosting platform for businesses and enterprises that want to attract a global audience. The platform is loved for its multiple monetization methods such as AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, and more. GUDSHO is infused with an array of innovative features that make another reason for businesses to choose this one.


  • Options to geo-block, single sign-on, special screening, guest invite, etc.
  • Cloud storage to keep data safe and available remotely
  • Live streaming that goes linear without any interruptions
  • Video Analytics that provide real-time insights
  • Options for developers to let them tweak different aspects
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#2 VPlayed

VPlayed offers OTT platform development services to businesses of all kinds. They also provide app development so your streaming services can reach more users. With Vplayed, businesses can choose their preferred features, such as video security, monetization, streaming, and more. You can have revenue streams such as SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, and more; you can have AES, DRM, SSL, and other security measures.


  • Fully customizable video player for branding
  • 7+ revenue streams that can be utilized together
  • Video CMS to manage every aspect of your videos
  • Real-time and in-depth video analytics
  • OTT and app development services with complete ownership 

#3 Vimeo

One of the well-known platforms, Vimeo, suits many businesses and enterprises. This one is known for its white-label capabilities that help businesses brand their videos and video players on a prominent level. The platform also provides an ad-free streaming experience and is more suitable for niche-specific audiences.


  • Video customization options include logo, banner, background, etc.
  • VOD and live stream monetization using subscriptions and rentals
  • Solutions for events, webinars, employee communications, and live-streaming
  • Video marketing assistance to take your videos to more viewers
  • Analytics to measure the impact of your videos and all marketing campaigns

#4 Brightcove

Brightcove is a premium monetization platform that is best suited for businesses. Whether you have a startup or are already a tycoon, Brightcove supports all your video requirements. Here, you can earn using VAST, VMAP, and VPAID, which let you place interactive ads in between the videos. The server-side insertion ensures that ad blockers don’t interrupt your ad-based monetization.


  • Ad-based revenue generation from pre, mid, and post-roll ingestions
  • White-label functionality to add logos and other branding options
  • Cloud-based solution for easy access by all your team members
  • Advanced analytics to track videos’ engagement quality
  • Marketing studio that helps with conversions and lead generation

#5 Kaltura


Kaltura lets you have big customizations for your videos that provide extensive exposure to your brand. The platform allows you to earn through ads, rentals, and subscriptions. Kaltura is specifically designed for businesses and creators related to e-learning; it’s also useful for business events, conferences, and communications. 


  • Video CMS for transcoding, distribution, analytics, etc.
  • LMS for e-learning businesses 
  • APIs and SDKs for developers
  • Suitable for both VOD and live streams
  • Cloud-based platform with complete scalability

#6 Uscreen

Uscreen supports most niches, from Health and Fitness to Lifestyle, e-learning, Spirituality, Entertainment, and more. The platform offers small and big businesses resources that can generate revenue by monetizing their video content. Here, you stay free from algorithms, which means you don’t always have to be on the content treadmill.


  • Build your own app and website to attract more audience
  • Build a community and own your audience
  • Host videos and live stream your events 
  • Monetize using SVOD, PPV, One-time sales, and more
  • Tailor your subscription plans and choose what works best for you 

#7 Dacast

Dacast works perfectly well if your business has events to livestream or if you wanna conduct webinars or conferences. It also works well for religious streaming, such as for sermons; those related to Entertainment and media can flourish their video content on Dacast. Here, you can monetize using PPV, subscriptions, and advertisements with your preferences.


  • Broadcast your videos or live streams on your own apps
  • Get your own VOD developed and set your prices
  • CDN global streaming for powerful transmission of video requests
  • Video CMS to manage encoding, transcoding, monetization, payments, and much more
  • Put geographic restrictions and increase the privacy of your videos


Brid.TV is right for publishers, advertisers, or content producers. If you love hosting your videos online and getting them in front of the right audience, you can try this platform. Businesses can host any number of videos and get them streamed with a powerful CDN. With their video CMS, you can manage everything from one place without switching elsewhere. 


  • Video CMS to manage videos, playlists, analytics, etc.
  • WordPress video plugin to embed videos to your WP site
  • Seamless DRM integrations to protect your video content
  • Platform API to let developers tweak the platform’s functionalities
  • Monetize using instream and outstream ads 

#9 Muvi

Muvi lets you host videos and have your own video streaming platform; you can also have your mobile application without having to code. The platform also brings you linear 24/7 live streaming capabilities with live chat. Since the platform supports scalability, it can be used by enterprises other than startups and small businesses.


  • Have your own website and apps developed
  • Host videos and live stream your events and shows
  • Powerful tools for learning to let you offer training and certification programs
  • Launch your own reels platform like Insta Reels and YouTube Shorts
  • Multiple ways to earn, including subscriptions, ads, rentals, and more

#10 Wowza

Wowza, besides providing video hosting solutions, also offers embedding options and developer tools. Developers can modify and improve functionalities using their APIs and SDKs, contributing to a better streaming experience. The platform is highly scalable, which makes it perfect for enterprises. Their customer support is one of many gems of Wowza, and assists you with every possible technical difficulty.


  • Get a platform for on-demand and live-streaming 
  • Works for both B2B and B2C streaming requirements
  • Wowza community to let your audience connect and engage
  • Streaming solutions for religious services, sports events, conferences, etc.
  • Earn using donations and ad-based streaming

#11 Panopto

Panopto is one of the largest platforms for elearning and business communications. Using Panopto, tutors can utilize LMS and conduct online classes with all essential options. Businesses can use it for employee onboarding, knowledge sharing, and communication.


  • LMS and interactive tools for learning
  • Create quizzes, polls, and record lectures
  • Conduct live communication with your employees
  • Video branding to add logo, colors, and tweak other elements
  • AI-backed processes to increase productivity and save effort 

Which Video Monetization Platform Do You Choose?

Video monetization is a great way to get paid for your video production effort while increasing your audience count. These platforms listed above serve businesses with various resource requirements.

You can explore them individually and determine your choice after looking at their features and budget. Remember, there is no right or wrong platform; your ideal platform should be the one that supports your objectives while being cost-effective.

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