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Commission Calculations

  • Single or multiple commission rates for each or all vendors can be set by admin.
  • Global commission rate to be picked up for those vendors to whom no specific commission rates have been allocated.
  • Sellers can subscribe to selling using the marketplace through subscriptions on monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription plans.
  • Universal shipping price to be picked for products to which no specific shipping price have been fixed by sellers.
  • Bulk emailing system for administrators to communicate with multiple sellers in a single shot.
  • Internal mailing system for sellers to communicate with admins for fixing or altering commission rates.
  • Ajax powered loading for category pages which cuts short loading time drastically.

Backend Controls For Admin

  • Automatic or manual product listing approvals.
  • Admins can turn on or off notifications for stock details and sales count for each product.
  • Admin can moderate (enable.disable) seller profile pages.
  • Admin can automate or manually approve sellers.

Backend Controls For Sellers

  • Product categorization as 'Simple', 'Virtual' & 'Configurable'.
  • Product wise default country, national and international shipping cost.
  • Sellers can enable/disable custom options for a product while uploading.
  • Product wise SKUs can be configured added or deleted as desired.
  • Exclusive grid with options to bulk add, edit, filter and manage products.
  • Sellers will have the facility to add or remove products from their stores.
  • Related product suggestions to be displayed in every product detail page.
  • Personalized seller profile, logo and store information using the edit option in 'My Account'.
  • 'Transaction History' option generates every possible information about past transactions.
  • Admin can enable/disable or moderate user reviews and Ratings for the store as a whole.


  • A single point interface that will feed admins and sellers with real-time information about key metrics.
  • Admin dashboard will feed information like Product & Seller Approvals, best sellers, order updates, commission splits, average order value etc.
  • Seller dashboard will stream information like Overall revenue, highly viewed products, highly purchased products, analysis on sales and so on.


  • Sellers can get in touch with the marketplace operator using 'Contact Admin' option.
  • Admin can enable or disable 'Contact Admin' option if required.
  • Commission Calculations.
  • Admin can set different commission rates for each vendor.

Order Management

  • Sellers can track and manage their orders better using filters like 'status', 'time range' in the 'Orders' tab.
  • The 'View' option in 'Orders' tab gives customers complete information like shipping address, payment method & other relevant order details.
  • Sellers can create invoices & shipment receipts for the orders.

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