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Chat & Collaboration

Real time in-app chat features to enhance any existing 3rd party apps for personalized conversation across any device.


Allows users to add emotional cues to their conversations in the form of visual symbols/emojis.

Message Search

Facilitates users to search for a particular message across all the conversations that took place in the app.

Typing Indicators

Indicates when the person on the other side of a conversation is typing a message to the user.

Delivery Receipts

Lets the sender of the message know that their message has been delivered to the other party.

Read Receipts

Lets users to be informed that the message they sent to the other party has been read by them.

Auto-thumbnail Generator

Automatically generates a thumbnail for media like images and videos during a conversation.

Unread Message Counts

Displays the number of messages that are yet to be read by the user in each channel.

User-to-user Blocking

Gives users the power to block another user in order to refrain from potential threats to their safety and integrity.

Ban User

Allows chat moderators to ban users from a channel, when they don't comply to the preset standards & rules.

Starred Messages

Allows users to bookmark messages that are considered important during a conversation within the app.

Last Seen

Displays the time stamp pointing to when other users in the contact list last used the app/ came online.

Auto Translation

Automatically translates messages sent or received across channels in around 100+ languages.

Private 1-to-1 Chat

Lets users to make one-to-one conversation with other users within the app.

Group Chat

Allows users to create private or public groups to interact with more than one user at a time.

Real-time Message Translation

Helps translate the entire conversation up to 100+ languages within the chat screen in real-time.

On-demand Translation

Suitable for businesses, this features simplifies the process of translation and deployment of multilingual messages at any scale.

Online/Offline Presence

Indicates whether a user is in the online or offline state, to keep other users informed of their availability via your app.

Offline Messaging

Delivers the user’s message as emails or text or voice note when the recipient do not have access to the app.

Notification Alert

Notifies the users via a push alert on the device to keep the users informed on incoming messages/ calls.

In-app Chat Rooms

Allows users to create any number of chat rooms to enable engagement across different groups of interests.

Join via link (Calls)

Allows users to create meeting links and share them to others, via which they can join the call.

File Sharing

Allows users to share their files like documents, audio, video and images with other users effortlessly.


Don’t keep your customers waiting for your agent's reply. Enable chat bots to drive instant interaction to address the needs of your users.

In-app Notifications

Helps users find what they're looking for by notifying about their points of interests within the app.

Mobile Push Notifications

Displays a push alert on the notification pane of your user's device whenever a new message is received.

Lat/Long Location Updates

Tracks and monitors the geographical location of your app users by identifying the longitudes and latitudes of their connection.

Auto Message Translation

Automatically translates messages in a conversation in around more than 100 languages, as per the users' preference.

ChatGPT-powered Support

Resolve the queries about your products/ services with instantaneous answers via AI-powered live chat support.

Everything your need to

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Voice Communication

Robust Voice Calling Infrastructure to build real-time conversations with crystal-clear call quality.

Group Calls

Drives real time engagement among multiple users by connecting them within the same space.

Connection Status

Indicates whether a user is on call or on hold during an ongoing voice call.

Call Muting

Allows both users and moderators to mute the audio during an ongoing call.

Audio Output Selection

Allows users to select the type of audio output amongst bluetooth, headphones or speakers.

Incoming Call Notifications

Alerts your user with a notification whenever he/she receives an incoming call.

Call History

Lets users to access a detailed record of calls made, received and missed within the app.

Active Speaker Detection

Highlights the user profile who is speaking at the moment, during a group call.

One-to-One Call

Lets users to send direct instant messages to other users from their Android and iOS devices.

Video Communication

Build high-definition video calling app with enriched features and functionalities for unlimited reach.

Group Calls

Connects multiple users from different locations in the same virtual environment via video call.

Adaptive Frame & Bitrate

Lets the videos in the app to automatically adjust to screen size, device and network conditions.


Re-establishes the connection to the same video call when factors like weak network disturbs the connectivity.

Call History

Records the time and duration details of the calls made, recieved or missed within the app in a chronological order.

Video Frame Capture

This features is used to capture and convert videos exchanged across the app into a sequence of images.

Incoming Call Notification

Notifies users whenever they receive an incoming video call from other users within the app.

Media Storage

Stores profiles, messages and media so that users can view, download, stream and share them.


Make peer-to-peer HD video call on any platform on the go to enhance real-time conversation & scale up production.

Data & Analytics

Tools to Sharpen Chat Data & Integrity

Analytics Dashboard

Displays the Key Performance Metrics of the user engagement within your app, in the form of an organized report.

Call Logs

Allows your app to collect and maintain the details like call origin, destination, length and transmission within your app.

Total Call Duration

Helps your app to track the total length of time spent by an user on call with other users, using your app.

Total Message Count

Displays the total number of messages sent/ recieved across all chat threads within the app.

Group Info and Count

Tracks the total number of messages sent and received during a conversation within a particular group/ channel.

Active Users

Displays the total number of users who actively choose to use your app again and again.

Total Users

Gives a total of both new and returning users who actively use your app to make conversations with others.

Total Members

Provides the count of the total number of users who are customers of your app's service.

Platform Reliability & Scalability

Retain your app users by leveling up your chat Interaction with more personalized conversations across any platform in real time.

Unlimited Concurrent Connections

Displays the number of devices and browsers that are connected to MirrorFly's server.

Average API Response 3 Seconds

Delivers a high performing, uninterrupted exchange of messages in record time.

99.999% SLA

Render a complete chat experience with our fully operational in-app integrations.


Bring chat into action on any apps with our lightweight, cost-effective and scalable client and server components.

Dedicated Cloud Region

Our cloud regions enables you to build and operate apps inside a data center with cloud-scale security and superior performance.

Dedicated Cloud Server

Deploy your apps on a dedicated space allocated for your app on our cloud server and boost the speed of conversations among your users.

Public Static IP

Assigns a unique, static IP address to a connection, so that it can be accessed from any location or device.

Security & Compliance

Enterprise-grade security protocols including GDPR, HIPAA compatibility to meet every business requirement.

Access Control

Regulates the security within your app by controlling who can view or use the resources in the virtual environment.

Token Authentication

Recognize your users' device as a 'trusted device', so that they need not enter their login credentials every time.


Our features oblige to the data privacy regulations derived under The General Data Protection Regulation.

Custom Domain Origin

Give users the flexibility to configure/ personalize their sub-domains as per their preferences.

IP Whitelisting

With this feature, only users with pre-approved IPs will be allowed to make conversations within the app.

Blocked Contacts

Allows users and moderators to block other users who do not align with the integrity of the app.


This security encryption safeguards user data in the cloud and heightens the access restrictions.

TLS/SSL Encryption

The to and fro communication across MirrorFly & the client device are encrypted with 256-bit SSL to defend against traffic hackers.

HIPAA Compatible

Our features are built to abide HIPAA regulations to protect every piece of personal health information exchanged between your app users.

Message Encryption

Every conversation is sealed with E2E to make sure that only the participants of the conversation can view the messages.

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