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Why Choose Apphitect As Your DevOps Solutions?

Join the ranks of hundreds of thriving businesses and Fortune 500 firms worldwide who trust ApphiTect for their mission-critical projects.

On-Time Delivery

Streamline your deployment cycles with precision and reliability through comprehensive, DevOps services.

Skilled DevOps Engineers

Elevate your operations with cutting-edge DevOps solutions, guided by a seasoned DevOps service provider.

Fully Flexible Hiring Model

Tailored DevOps development services designed to align with your project's unique needs and growth trajectory.

Best Security Integration

Safeguard your data and applications with unparalleled security measures integrated into your DevOps pipeline.

Dedicated DevOps Team

Unlock the power of continuous improvement and delivery with a dedicated team of DevOps engineers.

3X Better Scalability

Craft scalable strategies that grow with your business. Ensure optimal performance at every stage.

Empower Your Business with Full Cycle DevOps Services

Achieve total automation across your software delivery pipeline – from building and testing to deployment, monitoring, and security – all in one seamless DevOps service provider.

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  • DevOps Consulting Services

    Elevate your operations with strategic DevOps consulting. Experience seamless, automated workflows and heightened efficiency.

  • DevOps CI/CD Services

  • DevOps Release Management and Orchestration

  • DevOps Implementation & Containerization

  • Security/Monitoring

  • Infrastructure and Configuration Management

Gain Clarity with a Well-Defined DevOps Implementation Plan

Accelerate the delivery of your mission-critical projects with a DevOps service provider dedicated to delivering customer value through agile methodologies.

Project Discovery

Uncover your distinct challenges and potential opportunities in the discovery phase. Partner with a specialized DevOps services company.


Craft a comprehensive plan harmonized with your business objectives. Prioritize efficiency, scalability, and security as cornerstones of your DevOps journey.

Creating a Roadmap

Chart down a clear, actionable roadmap. Map out each step towards your DevOps services transformation with precision and lucidity.


Execute your devised strategy with unwavering precision. Harness cutting-edge tools and methodologies to elevate your operations and delivery to new heights.

Hire Top DevOps Engineers Handpicked for Your Project

No pre and post-hiring hustle is required. We take care of everything.

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Harness Vital Tools and Platforms With Full-Cycle DevOps Services

Get all the DevOps tools you will ever need to automate tasks faster, collaborate better, reduce context-switching, and leverage observability and monitoring.

  • Source Code Management
  • Continuous-Integration/ Continuous Delivery
  • Container Orchestration
  • Cloud Platform
  • Build Automation
  • Security/ Monitoring
  • Observability Platform
  • synk
  • cloud
  • nmap
DevOps Service Company
  • sonarqube
  • shark
  • burpsuite
  • aws
DevOps Service Company
  • jenkins
  • docker
DevOps Service Company
  • kubernetes
  • azure
  • gcp
DevOps Service Company
  • oracle
  • amazon-web
  • bitbucket
DevOps Service Company
  • github
  • terraform
DevOps Service Company
  • ancible
  • cloud-formation
  • site
DevOps Service Company
  • elk
  • prometheus

Employ DevOps As A Service Across Verticals And Industries

Gain insights into your customers and address their needs with tailored solutions — automate processes across diverse industries with our specialized DevOps Services.

Media & Entertainment
Media & Entertainment
Media & Entertainment

Enhance your media workflows with scalable DevOps solutions. Deliver content seamlessly across diverse platforms and devices.

Retail & E-Commerce
Retail & E-Commerce
Retail & E-Commerce

Change your retail business for good with agile DevOps strategies. Elevate online shopping experiences through swift deployment and continual innovation.


Safeguard your patient’s data and elevate healthcare services with compliant, efficient DevOps processes tailored to the unique needs of the healthcare industry.


Modernize banking services with secure, dependable DevOps practices. Expedite service delivery and elevate customer satisfaction through DevOps as a service.

IoT Management
IoT Management
IoT Management

Manage IoT ecosystems with robust DevOps practices. Ensure seamless integration, deployment, and oversight of IoT devices for optimal performance.

Hear What Our Clients Say About Us

Gain valuable insights from the experiences and feedback of our valued clients.

Shankar Uprety

CEO at Hamro Patro
Working with the ApphiTect team was a breath of fresh air for us.

Their agile strategies transformed our outdated processes into a well-oiled machine. From IoT management to manufacturing of specialty chemicals, they covered it all with professionalism and expertise. Couldn't be happier with the results!

Preston Purnell

UI/UX Designer at Navitus Health Solutions
ApphiTect understands the importance of security like no one else.

As a healthcare provider, data security is paramount. ApphiTect understood our concerns and delivered DevSecOps solutions that not only improved efficiency but also ensured compliance with industry regulations. Their dedication to our success was evident every step of the way.

Mike Swinford

Co-Founder / President at Bandwear.com
They’ve understood the scope of the work and possibly better than ourselves.

Switching from our old DevOps company to Apphitect for our DevOps needs was a game-changer for us. Their expertise streamlined our operations, and their personalized approach ensured our specific industry requirements were met. Highly recommend their services.

Kumar Mehta

VP of Engineering at Juniper Networks
Their attention to detail during the discovery phase was impressive, and the roadmap they created guided us seamlessly throughout our DevOps transformation journey. Thanks to Apphitect’s DevOps engineering services, we're now operating at peak efficiency.

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