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Built To Meet Multiple Messaging App Needs

A Multi-faceted Chat API & Messaging SDK That Supports To Build Instant Messaging Apps That Power Real-time Experience.
100% Customizable Messaging API
100% Customizable
Build the chat app just exactly the way you want it for your business on Android, iOS & web, with 500+ customizable features, complete freedom to add, remove or modify them as per your needs.
white label Instant Messaging API & SDK
White-label Solution
Create your chat app with our Sharjah messaging service, but display your own logo, color and custom features, and publish instantly on app store and play store. Rebrand our features as your own, as if built in-house.
One time license cost for Messaging API
One Time License Cost
says no to monthly subscription avoiding pay-as-you-go scenario, by allowing you to have complete ownership of your application with the choice to add and delete features as per your business needs.
on-cloud & on-premise hosting
On Premise / On-cloud
Host your instant messaging apps/ video calling apps on-site with full control of the security and infrastructure. On the other hand, deploy your app on our multi-tenant cloud servers.
high scalability chat API & SDK
Hire Dedicated Team
Onboard a team of developers who can build the complete app for you. From complete customization to launch of your app in Al Ain, Saudi, you can rely on our certified experts.
secured messaging API for android
100% Custom Security
Ensure the fullest safety of your app’s messaging or calling data with complete hold of your security features. Add as many layers of security as you want to protect your app.

Deliver a Better Communication with Unique Chat Features

Six Chat Features that Makes Your App Stand Out from Competitors

Real-time Chat Arrow Arrow

Connect Globally Anytime, Anywhere

for instant communication with real time live transmission of text messages reducing time consumption across multiple platforms.

  • list arrow One-to-one Chat
  • list arrow Cross Platform Messaging
  • list arrow Push Notifications
  • list arrow Group Chat
  • list arrow File Transfer
  • list arrow Spell Check
real time messaging API

HQ Voice Call Arrow Arrow

Voice without Boundaries

provides crystal clear communication with our voice calling API to make and receive calls over the internet across iOS, Android, and web apps.

  • list arrow One-to-one Calling
  • list arrow Conference Calling
  • list arrow Voice Call Recording
  • list arrow Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • list arrow Call Queuing
  • list arrow VoIP/SIP
voice calling API

HQ Video Call Arrow Arrow

Real-time Hassle-free Interaction

to have a quick and direct face-to-face interaction with global users using our one-to-one video calling API in no time.

  • list arrow Video Conferencing
  • list arrow Video Call Recording
  • list arrow Screen Sharing
  • list arrow Interactive Live Broadcasting
  • list arrow Conferencing Management
  • list arrow Conferencing Scheduling
  • list arrow One-to-one Video Calling
live video call SDK

Video Conference Arrow Arrow

Multiple Real-time Engagement

to stay connected with users globally via video conferencing APIs and make a conference call to multiple people across any device.

  • list arrow Cross-platform Support
  • list arrow SIP Trunking
  • list arrow SIP Interoperability
  • list arrow Multi-browser Support
  • list arrow Any Telephony Compatibility
  • list arrow Video Conference Recording
Video conferencing SDK

SIP & VOIP Call Arrow Arrow

SIP based Audio Calls that Bridges

uplifts the quality and clarity of your business calls by making voice calls through internet connection allowing users to get connected with anyone globally.

  • list arrow Voice Conferencing
  • list arrow One-to-one Voice Calling
  • list arrow Call Queuing
SIP Calling API

Live Broadcasting Arrow Arrow

Create Community with Like Minded

creates a huge & powerful audience engagement by broadcasting live events directly from any browser or site including social media for unlimited reach.

  • list arrow Live Streaming
  • list arrow Video Monetization
  • list arrow White-labeling of Video Content
  • list arrow File Sharing
  • list arrow Screen Sharing
  • list arrow Multiple Devices
Live broadcasting API

A Countless Chat Functions To Integrate Pre-built App

Robust Platform With All The chat Features You Needed To Build An Engaging Chat App
One To One & Group Chat

Keep your users connected through messaging

Push Notification

Alerts that maximize user attention with right data, right time.

Cross Platform Messaging

Instantly send and receive messages in real-time.

File & Image Sharing

Share multiple files of any size with anybody globally.

Smart Response

Permits users to have a quick reply with auto-suggested text.

Language Translation

Communicate with others in their own language

Multi Party Conferencing

Connect with multiple users across multiple platforms.

Video Call Recording

Record every event with multiple user engagement.

Screen Sharing

Share presentations, on-going video call screen with multiple.

White Board

Real-time drawing interface for virtual classroom teaching.

One To One Voice Calling

Connect through crystal clear voice call with anyone, anytime.

Cross Platform Calling

Make direct HQ voice calls across any platform.

Voice Call Recording

Record, store and retrieve the recorded calls of users.

VoIP & SIP Calling

Connect and interact with anyone by making instant voice calls.

Chat Analytics

Track the number of active users, groups, multiple browsers.

Backup & Storage

Scale the stored data up to any volume from inbuilt storage space.

Apphitect Real-time Chat Solution

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Apphitect is a single platform with flexible APIs & SDKs for your real-time communication needs

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Unmatched Chat Infrastructure + Performance For Any Size Of App

Deliver the most powerful communication experiences to your users with our customizable video, voice and chat SDKs.

Real-time Chat Arrow Arrow

Build A Personalized Experience To Users

Use our customizable messaging solution to personalize every element of your app and self-host it on your own cloud or premise. With full control over the app's environment, you can customize user interfaces, navigation flows, and features based on specific user preferences & business requirements.

  • White-labeling
  • Easy update
  • Deploy on-premise
  • White-label Chat & Calls Build your own platform using our video, voice, and chat SDKs, while maintaining your company’s branding with your own logos, company colors, and themes.
  • Continuous Improvement Self-hosting your app with MirrorFly’s flexible solution empowers you to iterate your app quickly, experiment with new features, and implement updates without any restriction.
  • Host it your way Achieve peak performance & seamless operations with our on-premises hosting. Fine-tune your infrastructure to minimize latency and ensure optimal app performance.

Robust Infrastructure Arrow Arrow

Develop A Dynamic & Custom App

Transform your app into a dynamic hub of communication with our cutting-edge client and server-side chat components, offering unmatched interactivity and reliability. Users prefer an app that comes with the best quality, smooth enough to use and safe with their personal data. Build such an app with our self-hosted chat solution.

  • 1B+ conversations
  • Upload large video files
  • Host on MirrorFly cloud
  • Drive billions of conversations Create a highly interactive communication app that keeps users highly engaged. Draw the attention of millions of users around the globe, with maximum features & quality.
  • Share Video Content of any size Effortlessly transfer and distribute large video files. Simplify the process of uploading and sharing video files of any size among users within your app.
  • Host on MirrorFly cloud Don’t have an infrastructure or server set up to host your app? Worry not, MirrorFly helps you host your chat app on a devoted space in our dedicated cloud servers.

HQ Video Call Arrow Arrow

Create Supreme Quality Video Experiences

Ensure a more vibrant and connected experience to everyone on your app, with engaging features and interactive capabilities. Deliver excellence in connecting users. Enhance your users' video calling experience with our HD video call SDKs, offering visually captivating interactions, adding delight to user conversations.

  • Adaptive bitrate
  • HD quality
  • Multi-device login
  • Configurable Quality Say goodbye to buffering and staggering . Deliver uninterrupted communication, no matter where your users are. Ensure seamless chat experiences across all connection speeds.
  • Crystal Clear Voice Ensure crystal-clear sound quality and reliable connections, enhancing communication and user satisfaction using our premium voice call SDKs.
  • Login from any device Offer your users the freedom to connect with others on your app using their preferred device. Enhance accessibility and user convenience across any platform.

Customized App Safety Arrow Arrow

Protect Your App With Iron-Clad Encryptions

Built with robust encryption and fortified by enterprise-grade compliance measures, our self-hosted chat solution offers unparalleled security, ensuring your business meets and exceeds the highest standards of regulatory requirements, , allowing you to focus on driving your business forward with confidence.

  • Chat & call privacy
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Industry-grade compliance
  • Encrypted chats & calls Secure every user's data and conversations with our APIs and SDKs. Rest assured that all interactions within your app are safeguarded, ensuring privacy.
  • HIPAA Compatibility Protect every patient's health information exchanged on your app with our HIPAA-compliant SDKs. Ensure confidentiality and compliance with healthcare regulations.
  • GDPR Compatibility Leverage our communication SDKs to create white-label chat apps that ensure compliance with the EU's privacy regulations and adhere to stringent data protection standards.

Cutting-edge Analytics Arrow Arrow

Monitor & Track Key Engagement Metrics

Gain insights into the key metrics of your chat apps. Access valuable data to optimize engagement, enhance user satisfaction, and drive growth for your platform. Gain a deep understanding of user preferences and behaviors to optimize your custom platform for enhanced satisfaction and engagement.

  • Post-call analysis
  • Conversation history & logs
  • Admin dashboard
  • Chat/ Call History Allow users to save call details within your app and conveniently access this information from any device they log in to. Make call records accessible regardless of the device being used.
  • Call Logs Empower them to easily review past interactions. Provide users with the capability to track their call and chat history with other users on your platform.
  • Centralized Dashboard As an administrator, access comprehensive details of users, groups, chats, and calls on your app through a centralized dashboard, efficiently manage and optimize performance.

Live Broadcasting Arrow Arrow

Make Your Super-apps and Super-interactive!

Boost user interaction on your super-app using our custom in-app communication solution. Connect seamlessly with personalized chat, voice & video features that perfectly match your brand. Boost user interaction on your super-app using our custom in-app communication.

  • Maximize user engagement
  • Real-time connectivity
  • Maximize user engagement
  • Data & Privacy Boost user interaction on your super-app using our custom in-app communication solution. Connect seamlessly with personalized chat, voice & video.
  • Data & Privacy Boost user interaction on your super-app using our custom in-app communication solution. Connect seamlessly with personalized chat, voice & video.
  • Data & Privacy Boost user interaction on your super-app using our custom in-app communication solution. Connect seamlessly with personalized chat, voice & video.

Drive High-Grade Chat Possibilities Across Sectors

Powerful Messaging APIs & SDKs That Empowers A Wide Range Of Conversational Possibilities
  • Finance & Banking
  • Telecom
  • Social Community
  • Enterprise Companies
  • Healthcare

Finance & Banking Arrow Arrow

chat solution for telehealth app
Banking & Finance

Real time communication to enhance digital banking experience for secure trustworthy digital transactions. With apphitech messaging APIs and SDKs you can have a secure and personalized service anytime, anywhere with several features.

  • list arrow Video/Voice Calling
  • list arrow Secure Transactions With Industrial Standard Encryption
  • list arrow Video/Voice Recording
  • list arrow Prompt Reminders and Push Notifications

Telecom Arrow Arrow

chat solution for telehealth app

Engage every personnel in the Telecom industry with video, voice and messaging features on your app. Whether it's coordinating network maintenance, troubleshooting, or customer support, your custom messaging app can ensure interaction among employees and optimal network performance.

  • list arrow Immediate assistance to customers
  • list arrow Network Monitoring and Management
  • list arrow Increase agile and responsive operations
  • list arrow Support for Emerging Technologies

Banking Arrow Arrow

chat solution for telehealth app
Social Communities

Connect users from anywhere with the work with chat, voice, and video, enhancing their collaboration and networking. Drive engagement between like-minded individuals, to form stronger communities across any niche. Ensure that users can communicate safely with strangers and that their data is completely secure.

  • list arrow Drive active participation in the app's community
  • list arrow Brainstorm ideas among multiple tiers of expertise
  • list arrow Help discover local events
  • list arrow Share brand images and media

Enterprise Companies Arrow Arrow

chat solution for telehealth app
Enterprise Companies

Enable employees to share ideas, discuss projects, and make decisions in real time. With instant access to relevant information and the ability to communicate with key stakeholders in real time, decision-makers can quickly gather insights, assess situations, and take action, reducing delays and improving responsiveness.

  • list arrowFaster Decision-Making
  • list arrow Remote work environment
  • list arrow Easy employee engagement
  • list arrow Improved customer engagement

Telehealth - An Ease Care Arrow Arrow

chat solution for telehealth app
Telehealth - An Ease Care

Connect the patients and doctors in real time with chat, voice, and video, enhancing the patient experience obtaining their trust by giving quality care at their comfort. Embedding our HIPAA compliance chat solution can improve the efficiency of the treatment by reducing no-show criteria, speed up the consultation and reduce the overhead cost.

  • list arrowDoctor-patient Private & Public Chats
  • list arrow Personalized Patient Experience
  • list arrow Secure Sharing of Medical Records
  • list arrow Telemedicine Chat App for Mobile and Web App

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    • 100% Customizable Messaging API
    • 100% Customizable Messaging API
    • 100% Customizable Messaging API
  • 100% Customizable Messaging API
  • 100% Customizable Messaging API
  • 100% Customizable Messaging API
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