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As the online dating world continues to expand, the market is getting more competitive than ever. Believe it or not, with over 366 million users currently on dating apps, the potential for your app’s success is immensely huge if you incorporate the right tools and features.

In order to stand out as a market leader, it takes good research on the best dating app features that your users will stick on to. So, I’ve done the heavy lifting for you by enlisting the favorite features that your users will expect in your dating app.

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The Best 10 Dating App Features In 2024

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User Profile Creation

Build The Best First Impressions

The first step that users take to find their perfect match on your dating app is profile creation. A profile is the first impression about a user in partner search in this digital era.

Coming to building the charisma, a user profile is more likely to get more matching connections when the photos, bios, interests, preferences, and location updated are precise and clear. Simply put, a user profile is the doorway to find meaningful connections, in a dating app!

Preference Filters

Customize Dating Experiences

Nobody wants to waste time on any social community app, by connecting to the wrong match. This is where dating preferences play a key role in setting what a user expects out of the partner he/ she is searching for.

On the greener side,  when users find compatible matches, they are more likely to stay active on the app, boosting user retention and revenue growth, in terms of app development.  Likewise, the search preferences also should be implemented in a way that lets users adjust their choices as needed, conveying the message that you value your users’ time on your app.

In-App Chat

Get the conversations started

Conversations improve the chances of meeting potential matches, when it comes to driving engagement on the top dating sites/apps there are few best chat apps. And this becomes more interesting when you implement features such as read receipts, typing indicators, and emojis, which can help to enhance the user experience and make it feel more natural.

Chat Feature for Dating Apps

From the app’s perspective, in-app messaging strategies is the starting point of user engagement and retention over time. And, fortunately, you can add messaging API to your dating apps to add modern social messaging features to your apps!

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Voice Calls and Video Chat

Beyond chat to virtual meets

Building rapport and trust has become easier than ever with real-time communication features like video and voice calls. Users in your app can connect with other users in your app via virtual meets, while increasing the interaction and engagement on the app.

Video & Voice Calling Features in Matchmaking Apps

While it is important to implement these in-app calling features, it is also essential to make sure that the conversations happening within the apps are more secure. Besides, making users feel that the app is safe is a bigger responsibility in dating websites and apps. To curb the challenge, MirrorFly comes with secure video and voice calling features, to protect and keep the conversations going on and on.

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Social Media Integrations

Get users to catch up socially

We are in 2023 and there is no doubt users have a deeper affinity to express themselves out socially. In this aspect, your dating app is expected to be available with third-party integration.

Users love to share their activities on your app across their social media accounts. And, in fact platforms like Facebook and Instagram lets you personalize recommendations to users for signing up to your app. In particular, new users can easily create an account on your dating app with their social app logins, leveraging frictionless onboarding.

Profile “Performance Checker”

Level up your user’s profile for engagement

Only when a profile meets the optimal standards you’ve set for successful partner search, the matching algorithm will correspond to the compatible profiles. This is super-essential to analyze an user’s information and provide the necessary feedback on the areas that could be improved.

In this feature, factors like profile completeness, photo quality, and bio information are sure to boost the way users look at a profile’s trustworthiness and preferences. On the other hand, this information is sure to bring more connection requests, and keep your users hooked to your app for a longer time.

Feedback and Reporting

Make dating experiences safe on your App

Imagine that your app crashes at specific instances and you are not aware of that. And, there are features with functionality errors. Well, that’s not what a user wants when searching for a partner.

So, make it easy for them to inform you, to resolve the issues right away. This feedback feature acts as an essential channel for your users to raise concerns and provide you valuable insights on where you could improve.

Plus, give your users an option to voice out bad behaviors via a reporting feature, keeping their identity intact. Create a robust reporting system to respond to issues and ensure that your app users feel respected and safe on your app.

Profile Verification

Boost User Trust

Dating apps are more prone to penetration of fake profiles and fraudsters. When you are aiming at building the best dating site/ app, Authenticity is a factor that you can never compromise on, for the good of your users.

Most importantly, you’ll need to make  sure you set up a strong verification system to filter out unauthorized / bad-intended profiles right at the time of account creation. So, verify user profiles with email, phone numbers, ID verification and social media integration and possible verification options to keep the integrity of your app at sane levels.

Smart Push Notifications

Don’t let your users miss a beat!

A notification tone is the easiest way to drive your user’s attention towards your app. Just a ‘ding’ sound is sufficient to get your users to open your app. And a well-timed, personalized alert is something that could make the user more connected to your dating app, while respecting the user’s time and privacy at the same time.

To bring better engagement, you’ll need to leverage user data like location, interests, and past behavior, dating apps and send targeted push notifications.

Gamification of Your App

Drive User Engagement With Gaming Elements

Gamification elements are considered the ice breakers for dating apps. They make your app more fun, interactive and embeds the feeling of coming back again and again. In turn, they help you increase user participation at their own pace and keep them engaged within the app over time.

Beyond the basic features, users yearn for a sense of accomplishment , rewards, incentives and challenges. And this feature seems to be a critical element to spike the Ux within your app.


And that’s a wrap on our discussion about the best 10 dating app features that you should consider when building your app.

By incorporating these features, the chances are huge that you’ll create an app that stands out from your competitors, render the best user experience and keep your users hooked to your app for a longer term.

Before closure, I’d like to remind you that in the world of social/dating apps, innovation is key. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with new features, try new functionalities and listen to your users’ feedback.

Well, go ahead and create the next big dating app!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

A relationship-centric dating app will essentially include features like chat, user profiles, voice notes, video calls, and social features. Including these features in your apps can easily drive user engagement and retention. 

Online dating apps are commonly used by younger adults when compared to older people. More than 50% of users are aged under 30, while more than 35% are aged between 30 to 50. And the remaining users are 50 or older. 

Dating apps work on the algorithm of matching people based on different metrics. It analyzes user information and matches the interests and preferences of users and displays them to other prospective users. 

To plan a dating app, you need to:

  • Understand your audience
  • Analyze your competitors
  • Set up your development team
  • Choose the features and relevant tech stack

As per Bustle, almost 14% of dating app users get into a successful relationship. Moreover, Pew Research states that more than 60% of users have had a positive experience in using a dating app.


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      Great to know that you are building a dating app! In general, the APIs come with built-in end-to-end encryption features that protect the apps from malicious attacks. On the other hand, they are also built to be compatible with industry standards like GDPR, HIPAA and OWASP.

    1. Vigneshwar Post author Reply

      MirrorFly, Weavy and Apphitect are some of the dating chat APIs that are available for free use. Apart from these, MessageBird, OneSignal, ZeroBounce API are other free APIs that can be used in a dating app.

    1. Vigneshwar Post author Reply

      The complexity of building a dating app depends on the type of development you choose. Building an app from scratch typically requires almost a year to develop the app and a proficient level of programming experience. Whereas, building a dating app using pre-built chat SDK will take hardly 30 minutes and does not require any programming expertise.

    1. Vigneshwar Post author Reply

      The cost of integrating in-app chat into your apps depends on your requirements like type of app, features and tech stack. However, MirrorFly lets you add highly scalable messaging capabilities to your apps using free chat SDK and avails a 21-day trial for its video and voice call features.

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