Top 10 Instant Messaging Platforms for Business in 2024

Instant Messaging Platforms for Business

Today if we look around the market, we can find a lot more to try with instant messaging platforms in 2024, as each of them are with some or the other strengths and uniqueness.

But, if you are specific about something best with a communication platform for your business, then you need to have a keen eye on many concepts. 

Well, feeding your search with the same post with all my research will guide you further with all your needs to choose  the best instant messaging platform to build your team chat app. Let’s begin the journey!

What is meant by Instant Messaging Platform?

The instant messaging platform is a real-time online communication tool that brings people together. Whether it’s about exchange of text, voice, video communication, or files and contents, instant secure messaging apps are the stand-alone system that takes care of every thick and thin. In other words, we can say that it fully expresses the real meaning of a communication platform.

Furthermore, let’s have a look at some of the best instant messaging platforms that incorporate every business and its needs.

5 Most Popular Instant Messaging Platform for Business

Nowadays, where the digital workplace is transforming every moment, it’s the business instant messaging market that takes over the credit. 

Yes! Today with the most popular user-friendly communication features of text, voice, and video, these platforms provide far better organic communication for all kinds of businesses to experience a successful business collaboration.

Fortunately, here I have talked about some of the top instant messaging platforms that can get you some better ideas.

1. MirrorFly – #1 Instant Messaging Platform

MirrorFly is one among the rising sun in the instant messaging business market that stands on its own to serve all kinds of enterprises. It mainly focuses on high scalability and enterprise-grade security protocols for their client’s businesses in the form of SaaS and SaaP.

This user-friendly solution supports the businesses with multiple collaborative modes – messaging, voice, and video calling features that can be integrated into any iOS, Android or web app. Whether it’s about team discussion, or confidential document sharing, all the services they offer are domain-specific upon business demands. 

MirrorFly has spread its wings around 40+ industrial sectors that include healthcare, banking and finance, social and dating, e-learning, e-commerce, transportation, and more.

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MirrorFly Features

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2. MS Teams – Best team chat app to enhance teams productivity

MS Teams is a well known business chat messaging platform that has recently taken over Slack as the king of business instant messengers. It caters to all kinds of small and big enterprises that use Microsoft products, wherein the existing users get a free MS Teams. 

It boosts the business by working along with teams productivity, communication, HR, finance, project management and other types of major tasks. But, sometimes it causes more complexity with business terms as it provides a level of restrictions with groups and channel options, that is a sort of downfall for it.

MS Teams Features

  • Webinars
  • Custom background with screen sharing
  • Video conferencing
  • VoIP and PBX
  • File sharing
  • Schedule meeting and invite guests

3. Slack – Great with enterprises key management

Besides Slack being considered fallen behind MS Teams, it is still counted among the leading business platforms to collaborate worldwide businesses. For enterprises it offers almost 1500+ integrable features that build uniqueness in the real-time communication industry.

However, it comforts the organization to streamline communication through public and private channels using thread-based chats, direct messaging that can allot space for more relevant and useful interactions. Slack’s two-factor authentication system has made itself more approachable for startups and small teams.

Slack Features

  • Set reminders
  • Get notifications/alerts
  • Upfront channel details
  • Apps and integrations
  • File sharing
  • Enterprise key management

4. Glip – Solid team messaging tool

Glip being a product of RingCentral offers a solid team collaboration platform with instant messaging tools to plan, share, and set work environments. It builds a great supportive system with third-party integration, making the team more comfortable to adopt them regardless of differences in platforms.

It’s always been praised by its users, since it removes the communication barriers and boosts productivity from the first step using built-in text, video and voice chat features like task management, file sharing, and more.

Glip Features

  • Good channel with team admin option
  • Virtual whiteboarding and meeting
  • High-end flexibility
  • Document sharing
  • lightweight task management
  • file annotation

5. Flock – Dedicated instant messaging app to assemble any business

Flock is the best team chat app that’s meant for online collaboration with team channels, video meetings, conference calls, guest chats and more. Its business-oriented features support productivity and team management systems that can enhance the business growth.

The channels of Flock assist the business to streamline decision making and problem-solving skills by managing everything at the core to hit business objectives.

Flock Features

  • Data retention
  • Channel messaging
  • Voice notes
  • Mailcast
  • Team notes and reminders
  • Process automation

Well, now you have obtained some idea about these instant messaging apps in terms of businesses. Let’s have some more exposure as to how these apps contribute in general terms of collaboration with customers.

5 Best Customer-centric Instant Messaging Platforms

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one among the most popular instant messaging platforms with elegant chat system design around the world. It has grabbed remarkable attention with over more than 2 billion users across different regions. However, it is still the first messaging solution that has created more awareness on the importance of encryption.

2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a non-free instant messaging app introduced by Facebook, the “parent product.” Although it has got billions of users across the board, and offers an easy platform to synchronize messages and contacts to connect with anyone, it is still counted as next to WhatsApp.

3. WeChat

WeChat is a messaging app that’s more than a social media app originating from China. With over billions of users, this solution gives a variety of functionalities with text, voice, and video to communicate. This includes video conferencing, video gaming, and more.

4 .Telegram

Telegram is a genuine instant chat messaging platform that’s far more simple, fast, secure, and synced across multiple platforms. It is praised by its users for being one among the top 10 most downloaded apps with around 500 million worldwide active users.

5 .QQ

QQ is an official app that’s well-known as Tencent QQ. It’s another popular instant messaging solution for social networks originating from China. It supports a variety of functionalities including shopping, microblogging, listening to music, watching movies, and more.

After having a clear view on these apps in terms of business as well as  regular customer-oriented manner. Let’s explore why these could be the best fit for any business.

Is Instant Messaging Platform A Good Choice for Business?

Well, the dynamic of an instant messaging platform for businesses is to collaborate different ideas to give rise to a meaningful outcome. 

Therefore, it has been found to have several benefits with business and their needs. For clarity let’s breakdown them in detail,

1. Encourages Team Collaborative Work

Every business that desires to stand-out in the crowd for the long-term, needs to have a better team collaboration that can increase the outcome of the project as well as empower the business growth. However, the lack of collaboration or ineffective communication can lead to workplace failure.

2. Enhance Productivity and Efficiency

Instant messaging platform fills-up the gap between the employees by enabling them to communicate and collaborate easily. As per a research, it has been found that the usage of these apps have raised the employees productivity by 20% to 25%.

3. Improve Employee’s Engagement with Task

An easy communication can ease the employees engagement with their task. This concept is encouraged by instant messaging platforms where its boot chat feature raises different queries to their employees and praises them for their responses which makes employees more connected, engaged and motivated.

4. Modern Technology to Builds Employees Future Workplace

Instant messaging platforms get you a trending technology that’s found to be the most convenient communication hub for the workplace as well as for non-business topics for the younger generation. Its features assist the employees to collaborate with less distraction and improve their engagement with work.

If you are clear enough with some of these benefits, then let me take you further with how to choose the right one for your business.

How to go About the Right Instant Messaging Platform for Your Business?

Every business demands some communication channel and when it comes to its engagement with billions of users – it demands something best for connection with more enhanced security and assured productivity.

However, it’s not as simple task to choose among a lot from the ocean but still here are some of the basics you must look out for

1. Multiple Modes of Communication

Before checking out for functionalities, have a check whether they provide the features and functionalities of all modes – chat, voice, and video calling for online video conferencing with media file sharing, whiteboard, and more.

2. Data protection and security

Security is as important as making connections with your customers, so it is necessary to check for modern security tools like end-to-end encryption, enterprise-grade security standards, and more, with chat privacy. 

3. High-Scalability with good quality

Scalability is interconnected with user retention, so it is one of the major concepts to be looked for. So, be careful as sometimes the scalable apps come with a compromise in quality and connectivity.

However, these above are some but whenever you are about to choose the right business messaging app, always have a check on your business’s internal and external communication needs for more clarity.

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A Secure Collaboration with MirrorFly APIs & SDKs

So, What are you thinking about? – What to go for or Why to choose MirrorFly to build your instant messaging team chat app?

Well, our instant messaging solution is set far apart from all others you have seen. 

Yes! It builds the strongest boundaries when it is about modern enterprise-grade standard tools and protocols – it protects and prevents each and every conversation and data of your users from all kinds of hacking.

So, what are you waiting for? Make a move to connect with our dedicated development team and get more clarity on our high-standard security practices to build your perfect business team chat app.

All the Best!

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