The 10 Best Real-time Messaging APIs [2024]

best real-time messaging apis and sdks

Thanks to modern technologies, communication has become a lot easier in today’s virtual age. Businesses are shifting towards real-time chat apps to stay on top of internal interactions and customer service. Have you been planning to build a real-time chat app lately? Well, an efficient real-time chat API can help you establish your chat platform smoothly.

In this article, we bring the best 10 chat API & SDK providers available in the market.

What is a Real-time Messaging API & SDK?

A well-structured real-time messaging API helps you build a robust real-time chat platform. It can help you integrate the most modern chat features into your business messaging system without any hassles. It’s also referred to as “RTM API”

A mobile chat SDK saves you from the time and effort of building everything from scratch. Some of the most common capacities of any chat API are direct and group messaging, push notifications, and many others. With an efficient chat SDK, you can build a well-performing application to stay on top of your business communications.

Best messaging APIs and Chat SDKs of 2024: Detailed comparison

It is a well-understood fact that group messaging APIs help you quickly launch your messaging platform without much investment of time and money. So, if you’ve been thinking of building a custom chat platform, leverage the power of efficient APIs and SDKs.

In this section, we are going to talk about some of the top chat SDKs available in the market. Let us take a quick look at one of them one by one.

#1. Apphitect

A Complete Real-time Messaging API & SDK for Android and iOS Apps

best mobile chat sdk for ios app

It is one of the leading group chat API providers available in the market. The best part about Apphitect is that it is 100% customizable and comes with highly advanced chat features. Some of the top features being push notifications, offline messages, presence indicators, geolocation tracking, video and voice calling, and many more.

Apphitect API & SDK Features

  • Multimedia sharing
  • Screen sharing
  • Open source
  • Easy integration
  • Personal chats
  • Social interactions
  • Sync & store
  • Fully Customizable
  • Flexible Hosting
  • Highly Scalable
  • Easy-to-integrate
  • Low Latency
  • No Monthly Subscription

Cross-platform Compatibility

  • Android, iOS, and Web Platforms
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#2. MirrorFly

Leading SaaP & Saas Real-time Chat API & SDK for Web and Mobile

best top chat sdk for android

MirrorFly has both SaaS & self-hosted chat API and messaging SDK that provides you with 100% customizable messaging solutions. It offers around 1000+ chat features. Get 3-tier security and compliance, access to centralized administration, and on-cloud premises.

MirrorFly supports cross-platform messaging and proactive chat. Some of the best features of MirrorFly include 1-1 private & group chat, file & screen sharing, push notifications, proactive chat, and much more.

MirrorFly has outstretched its wings around 40+ industrial sectors that include healthcare, banking and financesocial and dating, fitness, e-learning, e-commercetransportation, and more.

MirrorFly API & SDK Features

  • 300+ inhouse development team
  • High profile technology stack
  • Less than 30 minutes latency
  • Supports 1+ million concurrent users
  • Flexible deployment
  • Backend infrastructure
  • Data integrity
  • Flag content & much more
  • Non-availability of Monthly Subscriptions

Cross-platform Compatibility

  • Android, ios and Web

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#3. Amity

Powering the Social Networks of Tomorrow

real-time messaging platform

Amity empowers developers to seamlessly build messaging system into their applications. With its extensive array of features reminiscent of popular social media apps, your users can enjoy a feature-rich communication experience. Amity’s API-based SDKs give developers complete control over user experience and customization.

Amity Chat Platform Features

  1. 1-to-1 and group chats
  2. Moderation and analytics
  3. Push notifications
  4. Delivery and read receipts
  5. Message threading and replies
  6. Reactions and mentions
  • Flexible pricing based on MAUs
  • Multi-device and multi-platform support
  • High performance, can deliver up to 1 million messages per second
  • Scalability, chat channels with up to 300k concurrent participants
  • Amity Social Cloud has additional social features
  • No video and voice calling

Cross-platform Compatibility

  • iOS, Android, and Web Apps

#4. Twilio

Modern Communiation API & SDK

best chat apis

Twilio is a top-notch real-time chat platform API. It allows you to reach customers in over 180 countries and build communication flows for every interaction. Moreover, it enables you to reach your customers on their preferred channel at every stage of the customer journey, no matter where they are in the world.

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Twilio API & SDK Features

  • Cloud-scale APIs
  • Marketing messages
  • Verifications
  • Advanced software to power number selection, message deliverability, and compliance
  • Professional IT team required to implement chat solutions

Cross-platform Compatibility

  • Mobile and Web

#5. PubNub

A Real-time Messaging Platform Web and Mobile

best chat api for mobile apps

It is a top-grade real-time messaging API with modern advanced features. PubNub has 99.999% of API uptime. Some of the best chat functions of PubNub are unread message counts, file and image sharing, Giphy, message reactions, user presence indicators, @Mentions, and much more.

PubNub API & SDK Features

  • Private & group chat
  • Readymade UI design
  • Chatbots
  • Live event messaging
  • Notifications
  • Multi-channel chats
  • Supports approximately 2 trillion message delivery in a month.
  • 75+ SDKs to choose from
  • Highly scalable
  • No HIPAA and GDPR compliance in standard plan

Cross-platform Compatibility

  • Android, iOS, and Web

#6. Cometchat

Best Real-time Messaging SDK & API Provider for Web and Mobile

best top chat sdk

Cometchat is one of the best real-time chat API providers available in the market. It supports cross-platform compatibility and is highly scalable. Cometchat offers modern messaging solutions to small, medium, large businesses. It also provides individuals and small enterprises with a special package called ‘Sandbox’.

Cometchat API & SDK Features

  • Direct chat
  • Group chat & calling
  • Voice calling
  • Video calling
  • Data encryption
  • White-labelled user interface
  • Has a chat plugin named Cometchat Go, with no codes
  • Auto-scalable
  • Webhooks and bots
  • Idiomatic SDKs
  • Expensive

Cross-platform Compatibility

  • Mobile and Web

#7. Sendbird

Top Real-time Chat API & Messaging SDK Provider

best group messaging sdk for mobile apps

It is one of the best real-time chat SDK providers which app developers can utilize for building their chat platform. It comes with AES 128 end-to-end encryption. Some of the top-notch features of Sendbird are user muting, image filtering, chat moderation, profanity filters, announcements, and much more.

Sendbird API & SDK Features

  • Management of moderator roles
  • Spam protection
  • In-app audio & live video chat
  • In-app chat support to customers
  • Well-structured documentation
  • Various private groups to facilitate one-on-one messaging
  • Pro features available for free trial
  • AWS infrastructure
  • High scalability
  • Channel freeze feature available
  • Trusted by 100,000+ global developers
  • Non-availability of crucial features like announcements and delivery receipts in the basic starter plan.

Cross-platform Compatibility

  • Android & iOS

#8. Quickblox

Real-time Chat API for Android, iOS Apps

top chat sdk for mobile apps

Build a real-time chat app with Quickblox. It is one the best white-label chat solutions available in the market. It comes with an easy-to-use and friendly user interface. Some of the best chat features of Quickblox are cross-platform compatibility, file sharing, video & voice calling, screen sharing, multimedia sharing, and much more.

Quickblox API & SDK Features

  • Video conferencing
  • Push notifications
  • Data storage
  • HIPAA & GDPR compliance
  • Premium support
  • No license restriction
  • 24*7 support
  • Completely scalable
  • 100% encrypted
  • Offers Q-municate for Quickblox users
  • Supports fewer industries – Only limited to e-commerce and finance

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Cross-platform Compatibility

  • Android, iOS and Web

#9. Agora

Top Real-time Messaging API & Chat SDK

chat api service for mobile app

Agora is a top real-time messaging API that is highly scalable and allows real-time audio and video calls. It also enables live interactive streaming. Moreover, it is compatible with all popular development platforms and also mobile-friendly with minimal battery consumption.

Agora API & SDK Features

  • Live interactive audio streaming
  • Live interactive video streaming
  • Recording
  • Audio calling
  • Customizable UI
  • Third-party extensions
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Messaging feature in beta

Cross-platform Compatibility

  • Web and Mobile

#10. Mesibo

Best Real-time Chat API & Messaging SDK for Web

messaging apis for website

Mesibo is one of the best real-time chat SDK providers in the market. With best-in-class message switching technology and codecs, it enables you to ensure a low-latency delivery. If developers want a full package of app-making elements, then Mesibo can be one of top options to consider.

Mesibo API & SDK Features

  • Direct messaging
  • White-label chat solution
  • Group messaging
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Push notifications
  • Audio & video calls
  • Cloud-hosting
  • Moderation and filters
  • Demos available
  • On-premise deployment
  • AI chatbots
  • Security & encryption
  • Non-availability of real-time storage in the on-premise deployment

Cross-platform Compatibility

  • Web and Mobile


We hope our article helped you learn about the top real-time chat service providers. Make sure you choose an efficient chat SDK that suits your business requirements and budget. Now, what are you waiting for? Start creating your messaging platform now. May you establish a popular and successful chat app!

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