Top 11 Live Event Streaming Platforms for Businesses

Live Streaming Platforms

Live streaming facilitates the ability to connect the creators with their audience in real time. If you are a content creator, you can converse with your audience in real time, and let them react and comment as it happens.

Regardless of the niche you produce the videos in, you can always conduct live streams and build a deeper connection with your fans.

A streaming platform is one that facilitates live streaming features, and by opting for one, you can utilize it.

However, since there are many options for streaming platforms, it’s natural to feel confused about which one to choose.

So today we bring you the 10 best streaming platforms for a live streaming feature.

Go ahead and make your choice…….

Best Live Streaming Platforms for Businesses

  1. GUDSHO – Professional Live Streaming Video Platform
  2. VPlayed – Impeccable Live Streaming Experience
  3. OnTheFly – A Platform For Live Streaming And Podcasting
  4. Vimeo – Interactive Live Video Platform
  5. Restream – Multistream Live Video Platform
  6. Wowza – Live Video Streaming for every Use Case
  7. Dcacast – Live Streaming And Online Hosting Platform
  8. Brightcove – The Ultimate Platform For Live Streaming
  9. Panopto – Record, Share, And Livestream Videos Securely
  10. Uscreen – Livestream Platform For Video Creators
  11. Castr – Live Video Streaming As A Service Platform

What Is Live Streaming?

Streaming enables viewers to watch videos on the Internet. These files are already recorded and stored on the servers. When a user requests a file, the transmission begins, and the file becomes available to the user in pieces.

Best Live Event Streaming Platforms to Look Out For In- 2024

Now, let’s head on to the 10 best live streaming platforms that you can choose any time without a doubt.

#1 GUDSHO – Professional Live Streaming Video Platform

GUDSHO brings businesses the features to live stream and interact with the audience in real-time. The platform provides various revenue models to monetize live streaming and earn from them.


  • Scheduling for future Live Streams
  • Countdown option to notify viewers about upcoming streams
  • Features such as video gifting, customized subscriptions, geofencing, and more
  • Multiple monetization options such as SVOD, TVOD, Donations, and more
  • CMS to manage all the content in one place
  • Advanced analytics to reveal the needed demographics of your viewers


  • You can go live in seconds
  • AES-encrypted live streaming
  • Most suitable for digital events, webinars & podcasts
  • 4K live relay across web, mobile, tablet, etc
  • Ability to donate during live stream
  • Marketing assistance and tools
  • Various revenue models
Live stream everywhere with GUDSHO, all at once with 5+ Monetization Models

#2 VPlayed – Impeccable Live Streaming Experience

VPlayed brings you live-streaming solutions with a lot of customization options. Take advantage of the best white-label capabilities through VPlayed and make every video more personalized. Live stream or pre-record your videos and set them for monetization.


  • Live streaming and VR streaming experience
  • In-app purchases to increase your revenue
  • Top monetization options for maximum earnings
  • Buffer-free streaming
  • Can be scaled up as per the business’s need


  • Fast customer support
  • Bulk migration
  • Audience polling feature
  • Customizable video streaming
  • Smooth integration
  • 9+ monetization models

#3 OnTheFly – A Platform For Live Streaming And Podcasting

OnTheFly is another live stream platform that lets you enjoy the edge of having a features-packed platform. The platform helps you multi-stream, invite your guests, share the screen, and all of this, without any installation. The platform is also a boon for those who want to podcast and spread their voice to their listeners.


  • Multistream feature to broadcast on various platforms at once
  • White labeling that enables you to customize videos for branding
  • “Add guests” feature to add your favorite creators while streaming
  • Moderation to control user comments on your videos


  • Live chat, live polls & surveys
  • HQ audio quality
  • HD video quality
  • Set up in 5 minutes

#4 Vimeo – Interactive Live Video Platform

Vimeo serves as a video hosting platform for businesses of all sizes. To access live streaming on Vimeo, you need to opt for the pricing plans. If you want a well-known, professional, and user-friendly streaming site along with top features, Vimeo can be your choice.


  • Live streaming, live chat, Q&A features
  • Live video monetization and analytics
  • 1080p video quality for live streaming
  • Customized forms for online event registration


  • Easy to understand
  • Premium-looking interface
  • Ad-free
  • Password protection
  • White labeling available
  • Perfect for webinar, live event, or virtual conference, etc.
  • Live stream recording available

#5 Restream – Multistream Live Video Platform

The biggest advantage of using Restream is that it is a browser-based platform. This means you can live stream your videos on any platform like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or any site that accepts real-time broadcasting.


  • Stream on more than one platform simultaneously
  • All platforms’ live chat in one place
  • Live stream and pre-recorded upload
  • Analytics for live streaming
  • Social media event scheduling feature


  • Beginner-friendly 
  • Free streaming
  • Provides advanced data
  • Works with all live-stream platforms
Looking to Stream & Monetize Real-time with powerful Live Streaming Features

#6 Wowza – Live Video Streaming for every Use Case

Wowza covers all the requirements related to live streaming. They have solutions for all the complications, such as low latency, content management, and overall content delivery.

Using Wowza, you can stream using an IP camera where you don’t need a separate encoder. Similarly, you can stream the VR video experience in real-time and broadcast your content to any device and location.


  • Video analytics for live videos
  • Multi-bitrate transcoding
  • Ad integrating feature
  • Low latency solution
  • Interactive live streaming
  • CDN availability
  • HTTPS streaming for an added layer of security


  • 4K streaming quality
  • Support for all devices
  • Instant integrations

#7 Dacast – Live Streaming And Online Hosting Platform

Opt for Dacast and provide live streaming that can be password-protected and used to provide access to selected people. The videos here operate using CDNs which makes them fast and smooth without any hassle of lagging.

Dacast also provides API services that let you integrate into various apps and platforms. Dacast hence makes a great choice for creators who want live events, religious streaming, conferences, etc.


  • CMS to manage content efficiently
  • Analytics dashboard to track your visitors
  • Ad-free streaming 
  • Playlist schedule feature
  • Integrated paywall


  • 1080p streaming
  • Security features
  • 24/7 support

#8 Brightcove – The Ultimate Platform For Live Streaming

Brightcove best suits businesses and large enterprises with advanced video hosting and live streaming requirements. The platform brings all premium features at once, so you must choose from their pricing plans.

For creators who want to have a platform with no lagging and ad-free videos, Brightcove is a perfect platform.


  • Adaptive bitrate streaming
  • Closed captions
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Social channels streaming
  • API and CRM integration


  • Password protection
  • Performance tracking
  • You can restrict your videos geographically
  • Perfect for large enterprises

#9 Panopto – Record, Share, And Livestream Videos Securely

Panopto brings streaming solutions to businesses and educational institutes for online education and internal discussions. Additionally, the platform provides the feature to live stream with strong security measures.


  • Search option to find videos instantly
  • Password-protected live streams
  • Options to pause, rewind, and replay live streams
  • Analytics for live streams
  • Live captioning
  • Ability to provide comments and ask questions on live streams


  • It lets you record, manage, and broadcast all in one place
  • Powerful video editing options
  • LMS integration

#10 Uscreen – Livestream Platform For Video Creators

Uscreen allows creators to utilize their cloud-based storage, providing a more efficient and secure streaming experience. It will enable businesses of all sizes to live stream and provide on-demand content.


  • HTML5 video player for full HD and secure streaming experience
  • Customization options for branding your videos
  • Multiple monetization models to let creators earn
  • Organized video catalog for a clean look
  • API access for smooth integrations


  • Features like live chat, a custom avatar, and comments section
  • Templates for building a website instantly
  • Tools for lead generation, landing page building, and marketing
  • Revenue models like TVOD, SVOD, and more
Looking to start your very own Live Streaming Channel to monetize in Real-time?

#11 Castr – Live Video Streaming As A Service Platform

Enterprises needing to have live streams in 4k quality should opt for Castr. The platform uses Akamai CDN, making the transmission super fast and buffering-free. You can live stream on all social platforms and your websites as well. 


  • Streaming on multiple platforms simultaneously
  • Scheduling feature for future streaming
  • Long hours streaming without lagging
  • Embedding feature to embed your videos on any website
  • Monetization for both live and on-demand videos


  • Easy setup instructions
  • User-friendly interface
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Affordable prices

How Does Live Streaming Work?

Many steps take place to capture a video and present it to the audience. Let’s get to know these technicalities here-

➡️ Video Capture

This is the first step during which the video is recorded using the camera. This raw file is generally heavy and needs to be compressed to be sent further. The same is especially true for live streaming as they are larger than recorded videos.

➡️ Encoding

Since the video files take up so much space, they need to be compressed. In this step, heavy files are processed and converted into smaller files.

Encoding filters out the repetitions in the frames and utilizes only the necessary frames. For example, the same frame will not be repeated if the background remains the same throughout the video. Only the frames with changes, such as body movements, will be encoded.

➡️ Segmentation

In this step, the encoded video is further broken down for faster compression to be transmitted to the viewers. The segmentation step prepares the file to be played with different Internet speeds.

The server segments or divides the video into multiple chunks. These chunks are converted to different bitrates, such as 360p, 720p, and 1080p.

This makes viewers watch live streaming depending on their Internet connection strength. After checking for the user’s available bandwidth, the video player chooses the bitrate.

➡️ CDN Distribution And Caching

Thousands of people may become a part of a live stream. In this case, a single server can’t fulfill every request without a delay.

For this purpose, streaming platforms utilize CDN, which comprises a network of servers at different geographical locations. Depending on the user’s region, the request goes to the nearest server and gets responded to in the fastest time.

The nearest server then caches this video file to serve all similar requests in that region. This way, CDNs make transmission ultra-fast and serve users without a lag.

➡️ Decoding And Playback

In the last step, the video is decoded and decompressed. In this part, the video player prepares the video on the users’ devices as per their Internet availability.

Types Of Live Streaming


This kind of live streaming has a physical venue, the host, presenters, and a virtual audience. Such arrangement comprises all equipment to record the audio and video and virtually transmits the same to the event’s virtual audience.


In the Hybrid setting, everything is similar to in-person live streaming. The only difference is that a virtual audience attends the event along with an audience in the room. Such a setting requires more equipment for enhanced sound and visuals.


In virtual live streaming, everyone remains virtual. This applies to the audience as well as the host. Hence, there is no physical venue and no need to arrange any equipment.

Everyone connects from their convenient place using their devices such as phones or laptops. International audiences even attend such streaming since it eliminates the need to be present in a specific location.

Pros And Cons Of Live Streaming


  • Live streaming allows immediate transmission of a message or an announcement.
  • Since live streaming takes place on phones using streaming platforms, it can be presented for any time.
  • Live streaming needs just a smartphone with an internet connection, making it the cheapest way to transmit the video.
  • Users can share their opinion and comment in real time. The host can also respond to them in real time.
  • Live streaming can also be set for premium content; it helps you earn instantly.
  • You can protect live streaming by using passwords and such authentication methods.


  • The host can’t edit the video since live streaming happens in real time.
  • Having bloopers while on camera is possible, and the audience can watch the same.
  • Live stream videos can’t be paused. Hence users can’t stop them in between in case some work occurs.
  • Due to different time zones, live streaming can be a problem for international businesses.


There are many live streaming platforms out there that you can consider. Some of the best ones we have listed here that you can choose from as per your budget, business size, and expectations for features.

We hope that the mentioned aspects of live streaming give you insights into the concept and that you will choose an ideal platform for your business.

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