What Is Live Video Call & Its Business Benefits?

live video call

Transform the way your users communicate and collaborate with each other across your business with the power of online video calls. Discover the countless benefits live face-to-face communication can offer to your business operations in this article.

In today’s digitally advanced world, live video calls are emerging as a primary communication tool for people around the world besides emails, messages or phone calls. Especially for businesses, it is very essential that you personalize the way your clients and customers connect to each other. 

In this blog, we will explore what is live video calling technology, its importance and how well you can use it for your business.

What Is Live Video Calling?

Live video calling is a digital communication technology that allows individuals or groups of users to connect face-to-face with each other via mobile or web apps.

Users will just need their smartphone, tablet or computer with a camera and microphone, along with an internet connection to communicate with others over a video call. 

By utilizing online video calling, people can interact with one another from anywhere in the world, enabling them to have more engaging and immersive conversations beyond the traditional voice calls. 

Businesses & social/dating apps also use live video call feature as a means of keeping in touch with clients, coworkers, and other professionals in their industry.

How Do Businesses Make Use of Video Calls?

Businesses can utilize video calls in many ways. From communication to customer service, live video call feature is playing a huge role in improving the user engagement and interaction within apps. A few of the best ways businesses use live video calls are:

  • Collaborating with remote teams.
  • Providing customer support, and troubleshooting over a video call.
  • Holding virtual meetings with clients, and stakeholders.
  • Hosting webinars and online events.
  • Conducting job interviews and remote hiring.
  • It’s one of the major social/ Dating app features.
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Why Are Video Calls Important For Your Business?

Live video calls is an important features in the modern business communication and here few of the benefits it includes:

Efficient Communication

Online video calls enable face-to-face conversations seamlessly, allowing users to communicate with each other and collaborate effectively. In fact, video calls lead to a more natural form of video communication where non-verbal cues and body language can be easily observed and understood.

Boosts Productivity

One of the biggest reasons businesses choose to incorporate video calling features into their process and operations is that it eliminates the need for travel, saving time and money. Instead of spending hours commuting to a meeting, people can participate in a video call from anywhere with an internet connection.

Personalized Customer Service

With live video calls, businesses make customer interactions more personalized. Users can see a representative in real-time and make inquiries or sort their queries. This leads to instant gratification of the customers’ needs and drastically improves the user satisfaction and loyalty. This is specifically applicable for businesses that operate remotely or online, where face-to-face interactions may not be always possible.

Competitive Advantage

Live video calls are one of the unique selling points for businesses over their competitors. Users may choose a business that offers video calls over one that does not, particularly if they value personalized communication.


Video calling is an easy-to-use technology, making it accessible to a wide range of users around the world. Most apps come with built-in video call capabilities, and many video calling apps are free and widely available for use. This makes it easier for people to connect with each other, regardless of their location or device.

How MirrorFly Adds Live Video Calling Features To Your App In Minutes?

MirrorFly is a SaaP and SaaS in-app communication SDK provider that offers video calling APIs for apps and platforms. If you are a business/ a consultancy looking to build the best live video calling app or platform, here are the following benefits you will likely enjoy from MirrorFly:

MirrorFly Cloud Solution (SaaS)

  • Free Chat SDK
  • Offers 21-day FREE trial of voice and video call SDKs
  • Offers devoted space on Cloud server
  • Supports multi-tenancy

MirrorFly Self-Hosted Solution (SaaP)

Key Features of MirrorFly SDK

  • Easy Integration: Let’s integrate the chat SDK into any app within 30 minutes.
  • Low Latency: Delivers calls and chat at ultra-low latencies, ensuring no-point of transmission delay.
  • Multi-Platform Support: Lets you build live video calls into any Android, iOS, or web apps.
  • End-to-End Security: Provides robust security and protects the privacy of user conversations with protocols like AES-128 and SSL.
  • UI Kit: Gives an intuitive design interface for your live video calling app with responsive elements like fonts, colors, and typography.

Well, this is just a gist of what MirrorFly video call SDK could add to your apps. You can find more information on the features, capabilities, and integration guidance on our official website.


In conclusion, the live video call feature is a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve communication, increase productivity, and enhance customer service. With MirrorFly’s easy-to-use SDK, businesses can quickly and easily add live video calling to their app or platform. My team and I will meet you soon with yet another interesting article. Until then, happy developing! 

And, don’t miss to Try MirrorFly’s 21-day free trial and start enjoying the benefits of live video calling today.

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