15 Best Video Hosting Platforms For Businesses & Creators (2024)

online video hosting platforms

In a decade, video content has been popularized with growth, among viewers and content publishers. It has seen a gradual upward trend which aids in offering the right video content to the right audience by business stalwarts. This positive impact has caused a huge upsurge which informs slow-dying cable TV operators to make a shift to the online video hosting industry.

When we focus more on video hosting, we come to know that it’s a digital service that includes uploading as well as storing curated videos on a partnership-based platform. These platforms generally host by restoring videos on their servers for a particular time frame and enable easy distribution to the desired audience.

Now the question is, by any chance do you still make the mistake of uploading your critical videos directly on WordPress?

If so, think again!

Not using a video hosting platform for hosting your promotional videos might be a big blunder that you could be making.

Remember… If you want to share your art, and knowledge with the world you’ll need a dedicated platform that can host, manage, and stream videos to a particular target market. And that’s where video hosting sites pitch in for varied uses… But, you must be wondering there are loads of video hosting websites to choose from – which can be the best choice for you?

In this post, we’ll be sharing the best video hosting platforms which can tailor specific needs for your business…

Let’s get going-

What Is Video Hosting Platform?

With video content being loved all around, the rise of video hosting has paced up at a rate of notes. Whether individual creators or well-established businesses, everyone is taking the visual way and bracing their grasp on the market.

In this case, video hosting platforms come into play as these platforms provide video hosting features and simplify the overall process of uploading, publishing, and managing video data.

Such services offer all the needed features and save creators and businesses from self-hosting. You don’t have to worry about managing the bandwidth and all the hassle of publishing and maintaining the video content. Just sign up and drag and drop your video content. With professional video hosting platforms, it’s that simple

Reasons That Make Video Hosting Platforms A Must-Use!

Online hosting platforms or video on demand hosting platforms allow professionals to access a space where they can self-upload videos and get the needed exposure from their audience.

Such platforms store the data securely while letting the creators manage and distribute it. By using a video hosting platform, professionals derive the following benefits:

  • The utmost privacy ensures that your video data remains safe against any possible privacy.
  • These video hosting sites provide a dashboard to let professionals avail the videos as per their preferences. Accordingly, they can choose to show or hide their video content or a specific category of videos.
  • Optimal viewing experience lets their audience stream the content using adaptive bitrate streaming. This means that the videos can be streamed even on a slow internet speed.
  • Customer service is another reason professionals choose video hosting instead of self-hosting video content. They can rely on customer service, which remains available 24/7, and get their queries resolved anytime.

With a secure video sharing platform, they receive an array of additional features that are hardly available in self-hosting platforms.

What Is A Private Video Hosting Platform?

Unlike public hosting platforms, private hosting sites offer privacy to let individuals and teams share documents. Best video hosting for businesses often arrives in the form of private video hosting platforms where they can share private information and keep the data from public views.

Such platforms also allow for rapid data transmission and keeping overall processes efficient.

Features That Video Hosting Platforms Bestow With

Video hosting platforms serve creators with a variety of features that are above and beyond regular web hosting platforms and self-hosting. Let’s explore the benefits that an ideal video hosting platform avails-

1. Video Content Management

As the name suggests, VMS provides a way to organize and manage videos; it eliminates the chance of making clutter out of your video library. Since videos need more space than audio and other media, it is necessary to have a dedicated space for them; the same space is called a Video Content Management system.

2. Video Security

Another great feature of using a video hosting platform is to be served by utmost privacy and security for your video content. Unlike many public platforms, an ideal hosting platform doesn’t need you to give up your content rights.

3. Video Analytics

Analytics are important to have insights about the viewers or to know their demographics. The VOD hosting platform that you choose should always emphasize video analytics and provide you with valuable insights about your visitors.

4. Powerful CDN

CDN refers to a group of servers that are scattered in different locations. This network ensures the transmission of data using the internet. With a powerful CDN comes powerful streaming that lets your audience stream without lag, regardless of their device.

Top 15 Video Hosting Platforms Assisting In Earning Multifold Revenue 

There are dozens of video-sharing platforms in the market out there. To narrow down things a bit one can try selecting individual platforms based on their out-of-the-box features which are mostly used by professional creators. Let’s look into each one of them below…


All-Inclusive Video Monetization Platform

GUDSHO video hosting platform

GUDSHO is a premium video monetization platform that specializes in supporting video creators to sell their content across any region. Independent influencers and businesses across any niche can readily create their own branded channel and organize assets in a centralized library. They can initiate forming their desired community of followers and get quickly paid via plenty of revenue streams.

Some of its striking features are:

  • GUDSHO provides the facility to stream videos buffer-free for seamless viewing
  • There are no limitations for creators to build maximum ROI & see the positive impact
  • The platform empowers creators with a 4K streaming facility for crystal-quality videos
  • Video assets shall be accounted for under a safe environment via AES encryption
  • Have continual information about performances of videos via a digital dashboard
Looking for A Secure platform to host your Videos?

2. Brightcove

Best-In-Class Video Hosting Solution

Brightcove is a well-versed video hosting platform that is keenly focused on video promotions and business communications. The company’s video streaming solution provides many extraordinary features that support on-demand streaming and live streaming. Essential hosting features are inclusive of CRM integrations, analytics tools, customized video portals, ad-based monetization support, and much more.

Let’s take a look at other distinctive features: 

  • Content is delivered in and around the world constantly
  • Streaming technology like Multi-bitrate streaming is used
  • There are limitations to API access having many restrictions
  • Brightcove provides the opportunity to explore OTT streaming
  • Another alternative platform for clients who aim for large budgets

3. Dailymotion

Best Video-Sharing Service For Content Creators


Dailymotion is just a similar video hosting site in comparison to YouTube. It’s like a discovery platform that provides the latest video content packaged with enjoyable experiences. It’s successfully branded as the go-to source for streaming news, entertainment, sports, music videos & much more. Currently, the platform has more than 300 million active users who watch 3.5 Billion hours of content.

Here are its exclusive features: 

  • The customizable player delivers HQ videos anywhere on any device
  • Player’s elements can be personalized to your branding needs anytime
  • Provides an option of picture-in-picture viewing option for multitasking
  • Facilitates publishers with an array of monetization models to earn high
  • The platform claims to deliver seamless ad integration & get the best returns

4. Vimeo

All-In-One Streaming Service Utilized For Monetization


Vimeo is one of the premium alternatives to YouTube which is mostly chosen by content creators. Its result-driven features are just most likely competitive in the market. And even own unique tools which you may not procure easily on YouTube. Especially it is much more innovative to know that for starters, Vimeo delivers a video-maker feature that contributes to creating your content. You can choose any of the available template options.

Take a look at some of its highlighted features:  

  • Vimeo’s stock library will help you to find suitable templates
  • Livestream performances or webinars can be easily done here
  • Get access to the preview screen and see streams before going live
  • Monitor chat activity anywhere on the go & interact with audiences
  • Leverage on video recording functionality that’s ideal for enterprise creators

5. Facebook

The Most Ideal Solution For Video Hosting


Facebook is a social media-based platform that is the first choice of every user. Therefore, this may not be an ideal solution related to video hosting. However, it has come a long way and paved a route for video influencers to reach out to their audiences individually. It not only has billions of users just like YouTube but also assists in promoting more valuable content. So, there are greater chances for creators to find they are demographic & convert content into a brand.

See some of its tight-knit features: 

  • Most importantly Facebook lets you use the platform for free no charge
  • The added factor for influencers is with the existing account they can build followers quickly
  • Interestingly, Facebook accepts content in different formats with a varied aspect ratio
  • You can live stream with your content on the go that appears to followers in feeds
  • Facebook also provides flexible options to insert ads automatically into videos

6. YouTube

The Most Popular Video Hosting Site


YouTube is one of the best video hosting sites which doesn’t need any kind of introduction. It’s one of the biggest names in the digital world and has millions of users around the world. If you’re looking for a free video hosting platform with an in-built audience, there’s no doubt that the platform helps to upload videos. Content creators can get a cut of revenue from every ad that is being played to watch your content.

Get a glimpse of its adaptive features: 

  • YouTube being Google property, it’s integrated with search engines
  • No bandwidth restrictibility you could upload videos of any sort
  • The platform also empowers vloggers with live-streaming capabilities
  • Thousands of content can be streamed regardless of any genre
  • Online businesses can make their content look more professional

7. Spotlightr

A Premium Video Hosting Solution


Spotlightr is one of the unique video hosting solutions which can suit content businesses and online marketers. It’s great for anyone on the lookout for a robust streaming platform with the facility of ad-free video hosting. Creative streamers can add videos directly to Spotlightr’s cloud-based servers or make use of any link from YouTube, AWS, or Vimeo. There is also a possibility of customizing content with timed buttons, overlays & more.

Some of its key features include: 

  • Upload various types of videos supporting from HD to 4K
  • Offers an opportunity to stream with 360-degree based videos
  • The video platform lets users target diverse markets anytime
  • Allows educators to deliver video courses and lessons on-the-go
  • With the help of analytical features, one can get insights to drive sales

8. Wistia 

First Class Platform Serving Entertainment For Specific Audiences


Wistia isn’t only a professional video hosting site but a completely empowered video marketing company. It is packaged with an ample list of features such as a customizable player, lead generation tools as well as channels that are embeddable. Apart from those, they even provide the chance to add marketing integrations with content analytics. You can also get to control your ad-based audiences by focusing on specific demographics on searches.

There are some more potential features that include: 

  • The video player of wistia is not only mobile-friendly but also uses embed codes
  • Quickly videos load fast as they are customizable & have control over delivery
  • Mainly you can assure control over the thumbnail shown & add a call to action
  • Videos that you stream within the platform are supported with social sharing tools
  • Start with a channel to create a great tool for the episodic type of content anywhere

9. Dacast

Live Streaming Solution Used By Broadcasters, Creators & More


Dacast is a live streaming and video hosting platform that works with more than 300,000 professional broadcasters. It’s a dedicated video solution best for creators who can leverage many pros with advanced technologies. A built-in paywall feature allows room for comprehensive monetization. Along with documentation and other inputs, it makes it effortless to use. Analytics provide the best way to track how your intense content is performing.

Ponder over some of its premium features: 

  • The platform is fully white-labeled with no 3rd party ads
  • Custom branding is mostly available on all plan levels
  • The content in Dacast is delivered via top-tier CDNs
  • The advanced hosting platform provides secure content uploads
  • Reliable china video hosting is available within the platform

10. JW Player

A Platform Developed For Continuous Streaming and monetisation


JW Player’s video hosting is developed intricately for content monetization and online marketing. The platform carries more than thousands of customers in 70+ countries. Users can personalize their preferred marketing, communications, or advertising software with their help thanks to their amazing video technology and wide range of integrations. JW Player integrates with many advertising campaigns delivering cloud and player capabilities.

Let’s delve deeper to know its features: 

  • JW player supports more than live streaming 24/7
  • Business tools with various app integrations are available
  • Content businesses can have a full-time OTT streaming experience
  • There is a vast use of video players providing advanced ad-targeting data
  • Content is easily configurable with permissions for multiple users to collaborate

11. Uscreen

Launch OTT Apps By Hosting Via An Amazing Streaming Service


Uscreen is one of the unified video streaming platforms. Not only it does assist in hosting varied types of video but also organizes them along with monetization options. It’s probably known as one of the strongest competitors found on the list. For starter-ups, Uscreen can serve as an apt solution for launching OTT applications. This means your content can be seen across multiple platforms, such as Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV & more.

Grab some of its enticing features now: 

  • You don’t have to know how to code content for streaming across regions
  • The live streaming feature helps you to monetize content using a PPV paywall
  • Provide subscription packages with a collection of Livestream videos
  • Engage your audience with real-time chat while you’re streaming content
  • Deliver fastest viewing playbacks in HD via a white-labeled HTML5 player

12. SproutVideo

Video Hosting Website Delivering An Eye-Gluing Experience


SproutVideo is an enterprise-grade video hosting website that caters to every business. With it, you can share your content or perform live streams using the platform’s custom-built player. You can completely change the colors of your choice to match your branding. It allows creative artists or vloggers to make as many video-on-demand playlists as they like for entertaining their audience at all times. This platform supports video content delivered in HD, 4K, 8K resolutions & more.

Know some of its immersive features: 

  • Videos can be set in a mode to autoplay and loop
  • Users can now easily hide player controls & enjoy videos
  • Security measures are well-taken for all video deliveries
  • SproutVideo makes embedding videos easy on your website
  • Utilize in-player CTAs to get the attention of qualified leads

13. Hippo Video

New Video Streaming & Hosting Provider

Hippo Video

Hippo Video is well competent video streaming & hosting provider that delivers tools for varied industries such as marketing, education, sales & more. It was founded in the year 2016 by Lyceum Technologies. Its interactive nature within offered solutions helps businesses engage plenty of audiences using their curated videos. What sets Hippo Video apart from the competition is, that it offers to host plans for broadcasters with different variations in budgets.

Get an overview of its A-grade features: 

  • Suffices its users with a scenario of live streaming environments
  • Millions of content can be backed up by VOD hosting solutions
  • The key to upscale your artwork is via monetization schemes
  • The best resource that your videos can rely on justifies video security
  • Own your content forever by branding them with white-label streaming

14. Vidyard

Video Sharing Service For Corporate Businesses


Vidyard is a well-known video hosting tool that is primarily built for virtual selling. It is developed in such a way that it assures to be a one-stop solution. Enterprise-based people who want to record, & share videos with their customers with a personal touch can collaborate with Vidyard. There are sales executives and marketing representatives who use this streaming service to capitalize on more leads, & increase sales via tailor-made messages.

See some of its progressive features below: 

  • Offers video personalization as well as creation tools
  • Facilitates to promote videos with built-in SEO marketing
  • Interactive playback features serve the exact customer’s need
  • Custom protocols with regard to security streaming controls
  • Specific pages created for spreading your art via video sharing

15. Kaltura

Wide Range Of Video Hosting Solutions For Curriculum Experts

Kaltura which is headquartered in Israel offers the facility to host personalized live videos and unlimited VOD streaming services which are education-centric. They are keenly marketed towards educational institutions. It’s often used by educators or professors who want to add informative edutech-based videos for promoting their courses online. Kaltura enables professional teams to enhance their digital, traditional, or hybrid-based working models.

Handpick some of the suitable features: 

  • One can aim at online and in-person training from webinars
  • Video communities can collaborate bridged with uniqueness
  • Create live & on-demand TV experience which can be enjoyed on any device
  • With Kaltura’s video looping feature users can easily play their streams repeatedly
  • Using closed captioning, the video content will still be accessible to everyone

Furthermore, let’s delve deeper into knowing more about.

Free vs. Paid Video Hosting: What’s The Difference?

Most of the time, a free video hosting service should be sufficient. However, online marketers, business owners, video influencers, or marketing agencies could have particular requirements that a free service might not be able to provide.

They then migrate to a paid platform then!

For instance, some hosting services that charge a fee may offer ad removal. In terms of hosting, there are also paid options that are far more dependable. They might have cutting-edge analytics. Some may even have A/B testing tools with which you can find out if your streaming service is working optimistically or not.

How Do You Choose The Best Video Hosting Platforms For Your Business?

By and large, the most famous video hosting platform is YouTube. However, there’s a reason why this platform fascinates many content creators & is regarded as the mainstream pick. With nearly billions of users, you are put away from worries about capturing a bulk of the audience for your videos. In addition to that, you needn’t bother about storage means in terms of video size or number.

But there’s also a reason why other sites are featured on this significant list as you’d be recommended to consider all other possible options before picking a choice.

If you give utmost importance to privacy, marketing, or customization, for instance, the preferences of Vimeo or Brightcove might appeal to your business plan. Those videos that intend to market a product or service might take a side with Wistia or Vidyard. While education providers are highly likely to spot what Spotlight or Kaltura is offering.. Ultimately, it depends on every individual need in the marketplace.

Why Choose YouTube Alternative For Video Monetization? 

Although hosting movies on a private server is an option, there are a few reasons why individuals prefer to upload their content to a YouTube alternative video hosting website.

Most Convenient – All video hosting sites would already be equipped with the right amount of tech stack and streaming infrastructure in place for streaming videos. They take care of other backend operations too.

Vast Distribution – A dedicated hosting website makes it effortless to distribute content across varied markets and locales. The more there’s a zone of targeting, the greater gets the reach.

Found with Audience – In general video hosting platform will have a built-in audience who is readily waiting for fresh content pieces.

Cost factor – Video hosting services that are largely operated with storage will cut down in addition to bandwidth costs.

Benefits Of Using A Video Hosting Platform

You can’t find anybody who hasn’t been tempted to start broadcasting on a free platform like YouTube or MX player… Getting started with zero payment upfront might sound alluring, but cannot guarantee a sleek user experience. On the other hand, a professional online video platform that’s paid comes with a wide variety of benefactors when compared to a free video hosting service.

The main reasons why brands prefer A-grade video hosting solutions include:

  • The best medium to get hold of website engagement ability
  • More control over potential lead generation
  • Minute insights on video performance
  • Enhancement of video customization along with ownership
  • Heightened room for complete encryption and security

Things to Consider While Choosing The Right Video Hosting Platform

Since they are industry-standardized, the majority of the items on this list are likely to share similar core qualities. There will be a feature where you can get to embed videos. Some will have tools for customizability offering uniqueness. Additionally, they will include analytics functionality. But having said that, reliability is the key quality to consider.

Ultimately, you want to make it simpler for users to find and enjoy your films, docudramas, web series, etc anytime they want. When it comes to hosting videos, this is the most crucial factor.

Although some platforms allow you to edit videos, it is usually best to do this elsewhere than on a video hosting platform.


We took a number of variables into account when ranking the top video hosting websites so that you could make an informed decision. Although YouTube may seem to be the obvious choice, we have made sure to thoroughly examine its competitors and provide a comprehensive explanation of why, in the end, the obvious choice is not always the one best suited to your requirements.

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