How To Launch A Video Platform For Education in 2023?

Launch video platform for education

You can now create a learning platform or video platform for education with on-demand and live video. Recently, video has proven to be an irreplaceable tool in the education sector. It has improved the classroom experience and has made remote learning viable. In the initial days of the outbreak of the pandemic, online video entered the education industry.

Now, its relevance has encouraged students and teachers to bridge learning and tutoring with a new-age online video education platform. This requirement of assuring safety for both in-person is more important than ever, and the video streaming platform has made easy the pace slowly. Video education imparted in VOD or live formats in the online world is definitely here to stay!

The Benefits Of Using Online Video Education Platforms:

Learners of today want relatable, customized, self-paced, and moving content. This requirement is satisfied with the online learning mode. Here, students can learn at their own comfort and needs.

educational video streaming services

1. Location is Not An Issue

With an e-learning website or application, a user’s location is not a hindrance or issue anymore and users are available from all over the world. This remarkably increases the number of people who can interact with your product.

2. Lectures Can Be Taken Any Number of Times

Different from classroom teaching, with online learning you can reach the content unlimited times.  This is especially needed during revision time during exam preparation. In a conventional form of learning, if you are unable to attend the lecture, you have to do preparation for the topic by yourself. In eLearning or an educational video platform, you can go for lectures whenever you want at your convenience.

3. Access Offered to Update The Content

A major benefit of online learning and educational video streaming services is that it ensures that you are in sync with today’s modern learners. This allows the learner to get access to updated content whenever and whatever time they need it.

Want To Launch Your Own Video Platform For Education?

4. Scalability

eLearning or an educational streaming service helps in producing and imparting new training, concepts, policies, and ideas. Whether for entertainment or formal education, it is a fast way of learning online!

5. Consistency

eLearning allows educators to get a greater degree of coverage to get through the message in a regular way for their focused, target audience. This assures that all learners get the same kind of learning with this learning mode of live streaming for education.

6. Reduced Costs

Starting an eLearning business is economical in comparison to conventional learning forms. A reason for this lesser price is that learning via this mode happens easily and fast. A major chunk of training time is lowered with relation to course materials, trainers, accommodation, and travel.

Such cost-effectiveness helps in improving the profitability of a firm/organization. Also, when studying takes place at your house or your own place, you are not expected to pay for travel expenses like accommodation when training is undertaken in another state or city and/or with outer learning materials.

7. Effectiveness

eLearning has a favorable influence on the profitability of an organization. It makes it simple to absorb and digest the content:

  • The result is enhanced scores on tests, certifications, and other kinds of evaluation
  • Increased number of students who achieve ‘mastery’ or ‘pass’ level
  • Improved ability to learn and execute the new knowledge or processes at the work location.
  • Assists with retaining information or data for a longer time

8. Less Impact on Environment

As a paperless mode of learning, eLearning safeguards the environment to a large extent. According to a study on eLearning courses, it has been discovered that distance learning programs used about 90% less power and produced 85% less quantity of CO2 emissions in comparison to conventional educational courses which are campus-based. With eLearning, there is no requirement of cutting trees to get paper. So, eLearning is a very eco-friendly learning mode.

Must- Have Features Before Building A Video Platform For Education

Online video platform for education

1. Customization:

With customized learning, students are engaged from different backgrounds, ability levels, and interests to steer their educational success. It gives students several ways to approach one single concept.

2. Content Management System:

A CMS or Content Management System is an important feature for an educational platform that is video-based. It assists users in easily organizing, uploading, accessing, and storing content and videos without requiring exclusive technical knowledge. Video educational platform features is vital for a high-quality consumer experience.

3. Payment Integration

Payment integration with high-security is another important platform. Firstly, the best video streaming platforms for education should be armed with various payment currencies and methods. Also, recurring payments and autopay make the payment process extremely convenient for users, as they don’t have to pay on a monthly basis. Some well-known and extensively used payment gateways are Apple Pay, Stripe, PayPal, and Google Pay.

4. Facilitation for Live Streaming and Video On Demand

The most effective learning platforms support various kinds of video content to be the one solution that fulfills customers’ needs and wants. A high-quality content variety draws in both learners and creators. Learners can view live streams, enjoy edited and pre-recorded videos, and rewatch saved live-streamed lectures. Creators can bifurcate and revamp the content they produce in these education streaming solutions. It’s a total win situation.

5. Filters

Users will at first on the platform, find courses which they want. Or they will be sourced from Google and required to filter out courses that don’t match their needs. So, filters are user-friendly and available in a wide range. Some popular filter options are rating, language, price, topic, and level.

6. Course Page

Every course needs a committed course page. These pages generally include course plan, prior required skill level, reviews, and ratings, instructor details, language, price, description of learning material from the course, duration, and introduction to the course.

7. Learners’ Functionality

Learners’ functionality must enable interaction with the platform. Major functionality includes payment history, notifications, course progress, reporting, authorization, purchased and saved courses, purchasing, and calendar.

How To Launch an Online Video Education Platform in 2023?

video streaming services for education

Step 1: Plan for Required Features And Niche

A business analyst will assist you with creating a technical specification: an extensive description of the entire project, technology stack, features, stakeholders and team members who are involved in the project, and more. When the whole detailed development plan is prepared, it is the correct time to begin building your platform

Step 2: Define Your Target Audience

Who are your students and who will utilize your video platform for education, with what objective and when? Find answers to these questions and state demographics of income level, employment, age, ethnicity, employment, current education level, and marital status. This information will be used to improve the video platform design, produce appealing content and enhance your marketing efforts on the educational video on-demand platform.

Step 3: Know Your Platform Requirements

Some questions you will need to answer are what problem does the product offer solutions for, what features are necessary and which can be dismissed, what has the competition worked on what have the results been, and what worked out for the good and what did not in prior eLearning platform projects. Your business vision will be regarded finished when you can describe the product’s feel and look, the way it will work, and its aims to the development team and the investors.

Step 4: Hire Qualified Video Content Creators

You have to decide who will be in charge of video content production. If you want to produce high-quality learning content and make your video platform unique, you need to work with qualified content creators. Choose to employ experts who live in your town/city, associate with freelancers, or search for another way to receive professional help.

Step 5: Select a Reliable Online Video Platform for Education

You should choose a well-suited video platform for content streaming. You should make sure that students do not encounter technical disruptions and glitches when viewing online classes. The competition amongst online education platforms is intensive and you should choose a reliable video streaming solution that will fulfill the expectations of demanding users. Live streaming services for education are very popular today.

Step 6: Build a Monetization Strategy

Is your online video platform for education launched for commercial purposes? If yes you must create a monetization strategy and enunciate your revenue streams. Monetize educational video strategies used by competitors to know what strategies will work best in your niche. You should define a suitable fee per video/subscription/course. The amount of fee must reflect video content value and make your platform appear competitive.


Do you feel charged up about launching your online education video platform? Don’t back away from taking the first step and bring your ideas to fruition on your video streaming platform for education. Begin generating revenue from assisting people in learning new knowledge and skills – chase your passion and you will create a successful business of video streaming services for education.

Brindalakshmi Rajkumar is a blogger & Digital marketer. I'm enthusiastic about learning about new advancements in the Audio Streaming app development in the market. I collaborate with various organizations and help analyze their competitors to provide them better strategies to improve and keep their businesses up to date.


  1. Edward Jensen Reply

    Hi, I want to develop an online education platform where I would like to add some content as video-on demand and some content as live-streaming classes. How can I use your platform? How do I integrate it with my upcoming mobile based EduApp? What is the service cost per month/annual?

  2. Estelle Fitzgerald Reply

    Hello! I am interested in your video streaming platform for organizing online education with materials for lessons, progress, testing, analytics and protection of content from theft. You provide an open source product, can we refine it? Connect your payment gateways, marketing tools, etc.? Interested to know the cost of the platform.

  3. Antoinette Wells Reply

    Hi, One of my customers/partner (University/College) is looking for the Online/Recorded live streaming for education for their Distance Learning program. Below are some more details and features for your reference, Features to Look for in a Live Teaching Platform that I need in my educational video platform.
    1. Learning platform / content player and management 2. Security and Privacy Settings 3. Proprietary (White-Label) Video Player 4. API Access / Integration 5. Video Monetization 6. Consider Analytics and Reporting Please let me know if you require any further information. Appreciate your early response.

  4. Terrell Diaz Reply

    Hello , we are a start up for education producing videos with different subjects of no more than 90 minutes in 6 chapters of more than 15 min each. Our customers go into our website and pay their subscription to see the educational video. We need a platform to host the videos with enough security so they cannot be downloaded or copied , and we need to link the ones who paid for it to the video on demand or steamed. Is your website what we need ?? Hope to hear from you

  5. Kimberly Robbins Reply

    Good afternoon, We are in the early stage concept development for a video streaming service for education targeting UK but with the flexibility to expand into other territories over future years. The platform will host original content. The maximum UK subscriber base is circa 20K – we’re planning on the basis of achieving 50% of this market. Is this something that VPlayed would be suitable for and if so, I would be grateful for some indication of cost – as broad as that may be at this stage. I look forward to hearing from you.

  6. Bruce Carpenter Reply

    Hi, We’re looking to explore video streaming platforms for education for which we need to look into your product features and its use with demo.

  7. Faith Young Reply

    Hello, I would like to see what you can offer for my company. We are looking to create a video platform for education with all recorded lectures that need to be uploaded on the platform. I can mention more details. Thank You

  8. Cristina Hunt Reply

    Hello, We are planning to launch an online video education platform portal that should have multi DRM, watermarking and other security features. Please let us know how you would be able to help us with your solutions and provide a demo.

  9. Jeremy Kelly Reply

    Hi, I am looking for an educational streaming service for my subscribers. Students should use this platform with their respective devices ,technical support. We need necessary information on features for our video platform like storage, delivery, security and monetization of our content. I will appreciate it if you can let me know about plans and prices. We thank you for your attention.

  10. Irene Bradley Reply

    Hello Team, Our company is in the northern part of Italy. We are planning to establish a digital media business, Online video platform for education, and that we don’t have technical knowledge on network content delivery systems like OTT platform. Our plan consists of establishing our business all over the world and delivering quality services via audio and video streaming. Hope to read from you and we hope to establish a long time and profitable business relationship with you.

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