Top 7 Video Content Management Platforms For Streaming – Creators’ Best Picks!

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Videos exist now more than ever, and it’s been estimated that by the end of 2023, 82% of the Internet traffic will come from videos alone.

Every brand, small or big, is creating videos because visuals are easy to understand and allure people more than anything. However, without proper management of these videos, the content might not generate fruitful results.

For better handling of video content, businesses need a Video CMS or digital content management system.

Today’s article will describe video CMS in detail along with the top 7 video platforms that provide the best CMS for excellent video handling.

Let’s get going………….

What Is A Video Content Management System?

A CMS for media provides analytics, live streaming options, integrations, monetization, and other features. Such a system doesn’t require any programming knowledge, so it lets you manage it all effortlessly.

A video CMS is a SaaS tool that lets you store, organize, and distribute video content. All the video files can be organized in a way that you can find any file easily.

Video CMS, as the name implies, is created particularly for videos and might not support other types of media. Video CMS is used by content creators who want a specific platform to host their videos.

It also includes a search function that lets viewers find their choice of videos by searching for the related keywords. Video CMSs allow you to embed videos, bulk upload them, and customize how you want to show your videos.

There are online video CMS platforms, and by choosing an ideal one, you can ease your journey as a video content creator.

How Does Video CMS Work?

A video CMS works by providing you space to upload your video content and manage it accordingly. A video CMS includes two components:

1. Content creation interface

2. Content delivery system

The first one allows creators to create their content or edit the videos and prepare them for uploading. The second component is about displaying the prepared content to the viewers and making it ready to be streamed.

A video CMS platform makes the content easy to find by letting the creators assign proper tags, categories, dates, and other options. Creators can also choose from the given themes and display their content as per their choice.

The number of features the creators receive depends on the CMS itself. Some top video management systems provide analytics, marketing tools, top-notch security measures, monetization options, etc.

This way, CMS services provide a more structured way to store the video files so they can be retrieved easily.

Benefits Of Top Video Management Systems


benefits of video cms

Having a video CMS will be the best investment if you have a business that heavily relies on video content. Let’s explore reasons why you should choose a video CMS.

1) Big Storage Capacity

Videos take up a lot of space. Even if it’s just a minute-long video, it can take ten times more space than a picture. Leading CMS platforms always provide scalability that can fulfill any space requirements.

Hence, it’s easy to put your videos online using a CMS since it’s made specifically for videos and provides big storage. Businesses can opt for even more space as their videos increase in numbers.

2) Smooth And Fast Streaming

Some of the best video CMSs utilize features like transcoding, which optimizes the video to be played on every device. This ensures that your videos get streamed by all the users, whether they use smartphones, laptops, or tablets.

3) Increased Security For Video Library

Video CMSs also bestow content creators with topmost security features such as DRM and other encryptions. Some also provide password protection so the videos can be streamed only by selected people.

4) API Integrations

Top video management systems also provide powerful API integrations that seamlessly integrate all your existing widgets and tools. This automates all the processes without you having to deal with them separately.

5) Worldwide Broadcasting

Video content management systems employ technologies like adaptive bitrate streaming and CDNs. These technologies ensure smooth and quick delivery of viewers’ requests and assist in buffer-free video streaming.

7 Best Video Content Management Platforms To Try In 2023

Here, we are going to provide a list of content management system platforms that you can utilize to host your videos and also make use of their innovative features.



GUDSHO, the best video CMS, is open to content creators from all around the world and lets them provide premium and exclusive content to their audience. As a creator or a video content business owner, you, too, can generate significant profit by monetizing your videos.

The platform offers a comprehensive CMS that provides you with a centralized system to manage and host all your video files in one place. They offer the topmost security features as well as new-age features. GUDSHO provides live streaming and on-demand content hosting so you can achieve your passion for creating.


  • All-in-one video CMS to upload, manage, and distribute your videos efficiently
  • Marketing tools and assistance to fuel your business growth
  • Unlimited storage for enterprise-level video hosting
  • Multiple revenue models such as SVOD, TVOD, and Donations
  • Advanced analytics for an in-depth understanding of your audiences

#2 YouTube

YouTube, the CMS for video content provides video hosting and monetization facilities. With billions of users already using YouTube, it has become one of the biggest CMSs out there. However, the platform might not be an ideal one for businesses wanting a private hosting platform. YouTube’s videos remain public, and a big number of creators make it a competitive platform as well.

Nonetheless, YouTube might be the first choice of individual creators and those who want a free-of-cost CMS platform.


  • A big number of audience to showcase your videos to
  • Embedding options to share your content on other platforms
  • Options for CTAs, closed captions, time stamps, and more
  • Various revenue streams, including ads, memberships, donations, merchandising, etc.
  • HD quality videos with adaptive bitrate streaming for a smooth watching experience

#3 Uscreen

Uscreen presents an ultra-fast and smooth video CMS where uploading, managing, and distributing video files all become a charm. You can upload them one by one or in bulk. Their fastest encoding, instantly converts your files to be compatible with multiple devices.

The platform offers a free trial so you can dip your toes and test the waters before committing. You can livestream as well as provide on-demand video content; the choice is yours.


  • Large storage capacity, perfect for businesses and enterprises
  • Revenue streams such as SVOD, TVOD, One-time sales, and more
  • Fully customizable apps and websites
  • Scheduling options to host your videos in advance
  • Top-notch security features like geo-blocking, IP restrictions, signed URLs, etc.

#4 Wistia

Wistia provides an organized way to publish your video files so you can find them easily whenever needed. This cloud content management system enables you to send your files instantly to anyone. In case you need to replace video files, you can do so without having to handle any embedded code.

Wistia provides you with a platform to host and manage your videos where you can set an array of security measures.


  • Several customization options for your video player to enhance branding
  • It supports up to 4K video quality on every device
  • Easy embedding facility to showcase your videos on different platforms
  • Password-protected video files and other options to set security
  • Features like analytics, marketing support, automation, and more

#5 Brightcove

Brightcove is a video CMS that is specifically built for businesses and enterprises. This next generation content management system fulfills the need for huge resources in terms of bandwidth and storage. They also provide security measures that protect every bit of your video content and information.

The cloud-based video CMS allows easy management and distribution from any device and platform. Small businesses can also opt for the platform if budget is not a constraint.


  • Full HD video quality for streaming videos
  • Revenue streams like AVOD, TVOD, SVOD, and more
  • Password-protected videos and paywalls
  • Smooth integration and marketing tools
  • Analytics to provide you with real-time information
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth

#6 Vidyard

Vidyard is another well-known video CMS that provides unlimited uploads and storage. The platform also offers a free plan, where you can have up to 25 videos in your collection. However, the free plan has limitations, and you need to upgrade it for better features and storage.

Their pricing plans best suit all sizes of businesses. Hence, anyone can opt for the platform and choose the plan as per their budget and resource requirements.


  • Support to achieve a high-converting sales funnel
  • Customizable video player with 4K video quality
  • Options for CTAs, meta tags, transcripts, and more
  • Security measures like password protection, IP white-listing, SSO, etc.
  • Easy integrations with CRM and marketing tools

#7 Sprout Video

Next one among the content management system companies, Sprout Video provides a CMS to let you have internal communications as well as live streams for product showcasing. With multiple levels of security, you can protect both on-demand videos and live streaming. Using the platform, businesses and enterprises can conduct their training and communications more efficiently.


  • Customizable video player with up to 8K video quality
  • Various levels of security, from password protection to IP address restrictions
  • Analytics to provide in-depth data about your audience
  • Easy integrations with tools like Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and more
  • Scalable resources that provide bandwidth and storage as per your requirements


The definition of a perfect video CMS might not be the same for every business. This is because what is ideal for one business might not sound good for another. Hence, it’s always best to consider a few content management system providers, check their features and pricing plans, and decide what suits you the best.

The above-mentioned are some of the best video CMS platforms that let you have a clean and organized video library. They are infused with innovative features and serve the purpose of video sharing and live streaming in the best way possible.


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