12 Best Video-On-Demand (VOD) Platforms in 2024

Best VOD Platforms

“There’s nothing more satisfying than a bucket of popcorn and your favorite series streaming.”

Did we just speak about streaming? Hmm! In reality, videos are indeed taking the internet by storm. This doesn’t mean that TV cables are declining, but people are shifting their choice toward video-on-demand (VOD) options. And, very soon, this VOD thing is going to be the future of any content generation and delivery.

Why is it so? Because creators get a chance to take complete ownership of their content with VOD services and viewers on the other hand can watch their favorite shows or movies after a day’s tiring work.

So, for obvious reasons, the VOD market had to see its spike and Fortune Business Insights says that they are going to explode to $257.59 billion in another 6 years.

Brilliant tech is it not? You can build your own VOD business in a matter of minutes and serve video-thirsty fans by picking the best VOD platform as each differs from the rest in features and pricing. 

And that’s where we step in to help you, providing a full rundown on the top 12 best VOD platforms in the market. Plus, at the end of the post, we give you a cheeky bonus of some of the frequently asked queries by creators like you.

Let’s get started.

So, What is VOD?

VOD, acronymed as video-on-demand is letting your audience access videos whenever they want. The VOD streaming content is already recorded and posted on platforms so that users may not have to wait for their favorite videos to come on air.

Additionally, creators can turn their live streams to VOD content if they wish to. Some of the streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney + are all VOD platforms that use OTT streaming, meaning they are devoid of traditional cable or satellite for broadcasting. This way, users can access the content at the touch of a button.

A Quick Example:

Have you heard of fitness monetization platforms like GUDSHO, Kajabi, and Zen Planner? They are all based on VOD streaming. Creators using the platform host their pre-recorded workouts so that the audience can view them at their best intervals. 

Now, that we learned what a VOD is. 

It’s time for, How VOD Works?

We wouldn’t say the functionality of VOD is child’s play but is surely as easy as a pie. As we have seen above, video-on-demand enables users to watch videos, movies, or TV shows whenever they choose to and in whichever device they opt for, the content is stored in a digital format on a video server.

When a user selects a video to watch, the data is compressed and sent from the server and when it reaches the recipient’s side, it is further decompressed and decoded. Its process can be explained well in this way:

Till now we saw the meaning and its working, next up on the list is,

Looking Onto The Different Models Of VOD

Want to turn your loyal customer base into a dreadly successful subscription? Get hold of these VOD monetization models for delivering a richer experience. They start with:

VOD monetization models

TVOD Or Transactional VOD

TVOD: Also referred to by many as Transactional Video-On-Demand, follows a one-time purchase concept where users pay for the video they wish to watch. So, the creator puts a different price tag for every VOD content.

In this model, video creators get a chance to derive higher profitability because of the per-video fare they assign

SVOD Or Subscription VOD

Acronymed as Subscription Video-On-Demand, this model is the most reliable monetization method preferred by video creators and much liked by users because of the no-ad or pop-up concept.

Here, viewers are required to pay a monthly subscription fee or an annual price to access their favorite creator’s video library. Some of the top streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney Plus, and Prime include this model on their monetization list.

So, even if you’ve just started with your business, you can go ahead with this type.

AVOD Or Advertising VOD

Advertising Video-on-demand, as with the name, adding ads in between the videos for revenue generation. Though the viewers will not be charged for watching ads, creators will be paid for imbibing business-based ads in their content.

Honestly, doing this may look like watching content using cable TV, but makes it a good living for subscription owners. Dealing with this model is tough so it is not recommended for the long run.

With concepts like VOD working and their monetization models down, let us head to the next most-searched topic, 

Is VOD Platform Really That Beneficial?

Have you noticed the numbers we discussed about people preferring to videos at the beginning of the blog post? If you have then you would have learnt that people are embracing the concept of videos for different reasons. 

Continuing further, videos are going to grow exponentially and will soon become a necessity for every business. It is because of the hordes of benefits that the VOD content platform ought to give.

  1. People are preferring OTT platforms over cable because of the choice of content available for them to watch.
  2. Video-focused creators can now own their revenue and content.
  3. It is more affordable than the costly cables and steep-priced satellites.
  4. Creators can now get the reach they require in a much faster way.
  5. Can be easily accessible to a myriad of users.
  6. Comes in full compatibility with multiple devices.

And there are more. Satisfied with how beneficial VOD platforms are? Let us see the top ones now.

12 Most Popular VOD Platforms For Building Video-on-demand Service

After a detailed study of the different features and pricing offered by VOD platforms, we have rounded up the most common ones below. We hope this information on VOD hosting platforms can help you decide on your business pursuits.

The first up on our list is the largest hub for video creation and hosting- GUDSHO.



Grow your video creation businesses unimaginably or become an independent creator by building a tight-knit community, enlarging your fans, and monetizing your work.

With GUDSHO retain your brand, your content, your money, and your community without any intervention. Additionally, get funded by your fans with donations as means to support your work. 

These are not all, there is a multitude of features that make them a hit in the creator’s community. 

What are the main highlights of this VOD platform?

  • It is easy to set up a channel with the help of drag-and-drop widgets. Apart from this, the creator’s channels are treated to be privatized channels.
  • GUDSHO is backed by Content Delivery Networks for jitter-free video streaming. The platform also makes use of ‘Adaptive Bitrate Streaming.
  • Improve the quality of videos and give your communities a sharper picture quality with 4k streaming.
  • Market your content and videos with different analytical and marketing tools.
  • GUDSHO also offers a multitude of monetization models for flexible payments.
  • We also strive to keep content safe from prying eyes with AES encryption and SSL/TLS encrypted paywall. 
Are You Ready To Monetize Your Premium Content With Top VOD Features?

2. IBM Cloud Video

IBM Cloud

Did you know that with IBM Cloud Video, you can edit and host videos in seconds? Yes, do not be astonished, they make the perfect tool for your business pursuits. And whilst this is happening on one side, there is also an advantage of adding music to your video creations. 

Plus, with IBM Cloud, you can easily broadcast to huge viewers, share your work across platforms, and enable AI-driven captions, all at the tick of a clock. 

What are the main highlights of this platform?

  • They give you an option of SSO solutions, which is single sign-on.
  • With different analytics and insight tools available in the platform, IBM Videos is known to increase the customer base greatly.
  • Their security is also unmatched as they are built with different security mechanisms.
  • Plus, they are quite affordable compared to other video-on-demand platforms.
  • Get access to their free trials and integrations with third-parties.

3. VPlayed


Considered to be the best streaming platform across the globe, this leading solution comes with top-notch features that are customizable, reliable, and secure. From end-to-end encryption to futuristic tools to multiple monetization models, Vplayed is a unified white-label streaming provider.

In addition to these, the platform is equipped with multi-bitrate technology, security, compatibility, and flexibility.

What are the main highlights of this platform?

  • Reap higher marketing success with different marketing tools.
  • Increase revenue by building bigger prospects with different monetization models.
  • Lets you manage all your video content with pre-built CMS tools.
  • Ensures to give your users buffer-free and lag-free video streaming.
  • Different hosting options like on-cloud or on-premise for instant video streaming. 

4. Vidyard

Have a video ready in hand to post and thinking on ways to increase desiring prospects? Vidyard can be your one-stop solution to bring your marketing dreams to reality. 

With their platform, you get a chance to connect with the audience in a fresh way, build your proposals, and host quality videos in minutes. In addition to these, they offer a plenitude of features that are much adored. Let us see their standouts.

What are the main highlights of this platform?

  • You can easily upload content and videos and embed necessary links on your emails and other social media sites.
  • With analytical and marketing tools to run campaigns, they give you a GIF preview option.
  • SEO tools and content transcription methods for an easy reach of your videos.
  • There exist different integration tools to share your videos across platforms and monitor their growth and success.
  • Have control over who can access your content and get complete ownership of your data and brand.

5. Vimeo

With the Vimeo video-on-demand platform, make hosting films, videos, and content easy. From marketing your videos to monetizing and reaping your share, their platform is the best one can think of.

Vimeo is a similar alternative to Uscreen that acts as both a VOD and content management system working well for both small creators and distributors. 

Now looking at the features.

What are the main highlights of this platform?

  • Different monetization models with options to add subscriptions, rentals, discounts, and a lot more.
  • Creators can create video templates as they wish with complete customizations on logos and colors.
  • Detailed analytical reports and tools to support the work of the creator.
  • Compatible with multiple platforms and mobile devices.
  • Get options to share, collaborate, annotate, and assist your work process with tools available in the platform.

6. Dacast

Dacast VOD platforms are one of the few providers in the market that lets creators look to improve monetization with the right tools and techniques. 

Be it their pricing options, CDN mechanism for a jitter-free delivery of videos, or the no-contract mechanism that’s taking hearts, Dacast differs from the rest of the VOD platforms.

Plus, with their constant customer support, streaming videos without technical glitches or issues, and security, Dacast has to be your best pick.

What are the main highlights of this platform?

  • They include ad-free broadcasting, top-tier CDN streaming, and reliable 24/7 support.
  • Supports third-party integrations across different platforms or devices.
  • Security is one aspect that is to be appreciated with different password protections and encryptions.
  • Other notable features include cloud-based transcoding, adaptive bitrate streaming, real-time analytics, and Zoom live streaming integration.
  • The APIs available in the platform lets you do the integrations swiftly. 

Hushh! We have crossed half-way through the blog and now we will focus on the remaining list.

7. Wistia

Designed with creators in mind, this hosting platform gives users the most. True! With the help of different marketing insights, video content creators can derive measurable results from their videos and finally establish the brand that they dream of.

Though Wistia’s sole focus is on marketing, they are also well-known for features like ‘heat maps‘ – for analytics, cloud encoding, adaptive video player, and more. 

But their downfall could be the reason that it is not ideal for many users or to precisely say, budding creators. And, does not support live streaming. 

What are the main highlights of this platform?

  • Ability to add tags for categories and subcategories for the organization.
  • They offer uploading and migration methods like bulk upload and dropbox upload tools.
  • Wistia does not give to creators any monetization features but gives the option to integrate paywalls externally.
  • They are built with security standards like password-protected videos, domain restrictions, and HTTPS delivery.
  • Wistia has three pricing plans in their repository, all of which are affordable for all creators. 

8. Wowza

They offer different video-on-demand hosting solutions that are rich in tools and features. Wowza’s multi-faceted VOD platforms include a customizable video player that fosters an exceptional on-brand viewer experience. 

Plus, they are known for some of the unique positivities like built-in cloud transcoding and adaptive bitrate streaming and dedicated customer support.

But, they do not display any information on uploading and migration.

What are the main highlights of this platform?

  • Wowza gives creators plenty of options for streaming playbacks ideally.
  • Their CDN, content delivery network offers cloud and server streaming, and options to store your video content in one place.
  • Wowza is inclusive of different streaming services like live streaming, OTT streaming, live broadcast, and stream embedding options.
  • Holds a sturdy stack of developer tools such as GitHub repositories, SDKs, and API sandbox environment in their platform.

9. Kaltura

Need a VOD platform for a completely customizable experience? Kaltura has to be your one-stop gain.

Because the approach that they take toward video customization is entirely different from the rest of the hosting platforms. They are flexible, affordable, reliable, and secure when it comes to the pros of the platform.

Kaltura is known to be the best for businesses of all sizes, be it enterprise businesses or large organizations. Though we speak a lot about their benefits, they have their pitfalls like ‘premium plans come with hefty price tags’ and pricing plans that are not transparent.

What are the main highlights of this platform?

  • Kaltura supports live and on-demand streaming services for both cloud TV channels and events.
  • Analytical tools to help you gain insights on what works and what doesn’t.
  • One unique distinction of theirs from the rest is the feature to facilitate virtual classrooms and LMS.
  • Supports complete customizations of features with the existence of APIs and SDKs.
  • They aid in keeping videos and data in one place with their content management system.
  • Creators can add logos, brand colors, skins, fonts, and other branding options over their stream.

10. JW Player

If there’s a video platform extending its wings to ‘Sports‘, it is JW Player. They help video companies and creators in connecting and engaging with audiences on a large scale and see the profit they hope from hosting content.

They also have different monetization models like SVOD and TVOD, and many users make money off the advertising model that the platform offers. Besides the fact that it is a VOD platform, JW is also an OTT streaming service. Now onto their features.

What are the main highlights of this platform?

  • A comprehensive suite of APIs and SDKs for adding custom options to all devices.
  • Lets you integrate tools that you require for analytics.
  • Helps you to develop streams of income on your content from different monetization models like player bidding and AVOD.
  • JW Players use technology that drives user-recommended content on the subscriber’s display.

11. Uscreen

Could be said to be an alternative to GUDSHO, this video-on-demand streaming platform gives entrepreneurs and video creators an awesome solution to build great video streaming businesses. 

Apart from this, Uscreen’s no-code concept empowers users to launch their own branded websites and OTT apps on mobile devices and TV portals.

Their main goods is their portal that is built to scale as the creator’s businesses grow.

What are the main highlights of this platform?

  • Unique and multiple monetization models like SVOD, TVOD, pay-per-view, and hybrid options like a multi-tiered subscription.
  • Allows creating a fully customizable website with themes and landing page builders.
  • Supports thousands of integrations like PayPal, Stripe, and Authorized.net.
  • End-to-end user support from setting up channels to marketing campaigns.
  • Detailed insights on marketing and analytics of video content.
  • Offers Chromecast and AirPlay support because of the codes drafted using an HTML5 video player. 

Over to the last one on our list,

12. Brightcove

Their video hosting platform comes under the ‘antiques section’ that lets creators sell their videos more effectively. Yes, Brightcove is an old school that started more than a decade ago as one of the prime VOD platforms then.

They have plenty of features under their hoods and some are quite exquisite too.

What are the main highlights of this platform?

  • Helps to monetize videos by supporting the integration of the right tools into the platform.
  • You can create your TV channel with a player built using HTML5.
  • Set permissions and viewer access to who can watch your videos with DRM (digital rights management) and other controls.
  • Allows branding your video content on social media sites, OTT apps, and on websites with the help of API tools.

That’s it! The end of the different VOD platforms existing in the market. But just a minute, do you remember the bonus we promised to give you at the beginning?

Here’s it.

Final Verdict

With what we learned from the post, we are quite clear that gone are the days of setup boxes and analog signals – and video-on-demand is the future now. 

Though we give you 12 VOD platforms, the features they offer, and their standouts, GUDSHO covers almost everything with different monetization models, easy channel setup, security, country preferences, settings, and more. 

Looking to monetize your videos with Multi Revenue Streams? Join GUDSHO

The Bonus- FAQs

We do understand that the list is big and you might find it difficult to keep in who offers what features. So, below are some of the commonly asked questions by creators that we help to light it.

How to sell videos online?

It’s easy peasy. All you need to do is determine your target audience and market, draft a plan, shoot your videos, choose a monetization platform, host, and make revenues. That’s it!

Are streaming and video-on-demand the same thing?

Well no, live streaming and VOD services aren’t the same. The VOD content is pre-recorded and hosted on streaming platforms so that users can view it when they wish to. But, live content is streamed in real-time, meaning they are aired at a specific time.

How do VOD platforms make money?

This question may arise in you when you learn that some platforms do not take your hard-earned revenue. In such cases, they earn money when you subscribe to their platform for creating channels and hosting videos. 
This question may arise in you when you learn that some platforms do not take your hard-earned revenue. In such cases, they earn money when you subscribe to their platform for creating channels and hosting videos. 

Do video creators earn money from VOD content?

Yes, they indeed do! Because while hosting content, they select their monetization methods like SVOD, TVOD, or AVOD where viewers need to pay a certain amount or subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis to watch their content.

How to create a new channel with GUDSHO?

It’s as simple as ABC! Just click the link complete a few steps, and your channel is ready in 10 minutes.

Can videos less than 30 seconds earn money from VOD platforms?

Yes, as long as your content is good, trendy, informative, and reaches the audience, it does not matter what is the length of your video. Also, if you have users subscribed to your channel using any one of the monetization methods, you will receive well payoffs.  While you read this up, we will plan for closure.

Till then, if you have anything to add up, lighten our comment section. Bye!

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