10 Best Webinar Platforms in 2024: Compare Reviews

webinar hosting platforms

Are you on the lookout for the best platforms for hosting online webinars? Well, trust me, buddy, your search is going to be tough as there are plenty of platforms in the market, and choosing the right one is not everyone’s feat. 

But fret not, thinking it to be a dead end, because we come to you as Samaritans, detailing some of the free and best webinar platforms in the article below.

And before we head on to see what those are, we’ll first spend some quality time on the vocabulary.

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1. What is a live webinar hosting platform?

A webinar hosting platform is a software that lets individuals and businesses host online events or seminars and broadcast them to a wider audience group. 

Usually, such platforms are used for audience retention and thus, they come packed with exquisite features and tools like scheduling, hosting, recording, setting reminders and follow-ups.

While some of the webinar platforms highlight the above features to be their selling points, many others build highly responsive user interaction capabilities like conducting Q&A sessions and polls to attract viewers. 

But, is conducting seminars the only merit of using a webinar platform? No, there are several other use cases like,

What is the use of a live webinar hosting platform?

A live webinar hosting platform can be used in the 

  1. E-learning field to deliver seminars to students or help them with a math problem,
  2. Marketplace sector to give product demos to turn customers into buyers,
  3. Enterprise field to host an official meet and discuss project deadlines, 
  4. Conduct workshops and interact with customers in real time. 

What Are The Benefits of Using a Live Webinar Platform?

Some of the benefits of a live webinar platform include:

  1. Easy to host meetings and attend
  2. A budget-friendly option than to opt for other services
  3. Promotes faster reach amongst audiences
  4. Helps in building strong connections

Who Needs Webinar Platforms?

Webinar platforms turn out to be useful for content creators, influencers, and enterprises who are seeking to host seminars, workshops, product demos, or events in real-time and broadcast to a wider audience. 

Together with them, even healthcare professionals, fitness trainers, and fundraising organizations have expressed their desires toward such platforms. 

Now that we have covered the A to Z of webinars. Our next section deals with the ways to choose the best of the best platforms.

2. How to choose the best live webinar platform?

This part of the blog is primarily to ignite your thoughts on what specific features to seek in a webinar platform so that it turns out to be ideal for both your audience and your content. 

Below are a few criteria that may help you choose the best webinar software:

  1. High-end Features

Make sure that the hosting platform you opt for has features like:

  • Q&A Sessions: Letting audiences answer questions in real-time.
  • Marketing Analytics: Webinar tools that help generate leads and convert sales.
  • Global Dial-in: Attendees can join webinars from any location, country, and area.
  • Integrations: The webinar platform supports integration with tools like CRM and other marketing platforms.
  • HQ Audio/Video Calls: Ensure the hosting platform offers high-quality video and audio capabilities for a seamless experience.
  • Enterprise-grade Security: Data privacy and security stand as an important feature in webinar selection, so opt for a platform that offers ironclad security.
  • Complete Customizations: See whether the webinar software offers customizations on themes and logos to give you a personalized experience.
  1. Call for Demo

It is always better if the webinar platform you opt for offers a free trial or ‘Request Demo’ option so that you may get hold of the hosting platform, its features and functionalities, customizations, participants limit, and a few more.

This way, you can choose which webinar platform is right for your business before making a purchase.

  1. Pricing Parameter

Pricing is one of the deciding factors when it comes to opting for the best webinar platform. While a few offer free plans, others may charge a lot of dimes per month.

The price tiers vary depending on the features selected and the attendee count. 

However, most of the webinar software offers a pay-as-you-go (monthly subscription) model to creators and businesses thus giving them the flexibility to stream content at ease.

Here’s a table explaining a detailed comparison of the pricing tags and demo trials of the best 5 webinar hosting platforms:

Webinar Hosting PlatformPrice TierBook a Demo
1. OnTheFlyFree & Monthly SubscriptionFree Demo
2.WebExStarts @ $13/monthFree Demo
3.ClickMeetingStarts @ $25/monthNA
4.ZoomFree planFree Live Demo
5. BigMarkerStarts @ $99/monthFree Enterprise Demo

Now that we saw what factors a webinar platform has before making a purchase, we will next look at the tools that would give to creators.

3. What tools to look for in an online webinar platform?

Bet you, ask this question to four different businesses and you might end up hearing four different webinar tools. This is because each of them would have different requirements and needs.

Therefore, it is best to go ahead with a platform that offers the following core elements:

  1. Interactive Tools: Every webinar hosting platform will have some basic engagement elements like live chatting, Q&A sessions, polling, hand-raising, breakout rooms, and emojis. 

However, only a few of the lot will brand their product by bringing in advanced features like virtual networking and bringing attendees to the stage. 

  1. Analytics & Dashboard: The prime reason to use a webinar platform is to convert prospects into buyers, and the right provider will help you in this journey by giving you a dashboard of how well your streams are working.
  2. Customizations: Ensure that your choice of webinar hosting platform allows individuals to customize forms, emails, and recording rooms in minutes and gives you the option to white-label your video streams.
  3. Integration: Some of the big brands would want their webinar platforms to be integrated with third-party tools so that the software is used only to create live events.

Well, those were just the tip of the webinar tools iceberg. Let us now focus on the complete iceberg.

2024’s Best Online Webinar Platforms To Look For!

After detailed analysis on user reviews, ratings, and pricing parameters, we have curated a list of top-performing webinar platforms that might help you boost your audience engagements. 

Ready to drench your toes into the webinar field? Let us start with the first platform on our list, which is a go-to for many creators around the world.


Setup, Record, Broadcast Webinars In 5Mins

Best Live Webinar Hosting Platforms

OnTheFly comes to creators and B2B brands as the most professional webinar platform to create engaging streams for audiences, across multiple social media arenas, at the same time. 

And to onboard with OnTheFly, you don’t need any specific requirements, just a microphone and a webcam is far enough. It’s that easy to set up and use! 

Likewise, when it comes to talking about their exclusives, there are tons of them. To name some, OnTheFly lets 

  • Users easily add co-hosts to manage webinar sessions collaboratively, 
  • Invite any number of attendees, 
  • Leverage the presence of interactive tools, and
  • Deliver rich experiences, without having to pay a hefty price tag.

Plus, with this platform, you not only get the best way to host webinars, but broadcast pre-recorded videos, or do a live streaming to the whole world in a jiffy.

How much does it cost to use OnTheFly? 

They are free at the moment, but may soon come up with a budget-friendly monthly subscription.

What is OnTheFly best at?

  1. Quick to set up and requires no software downloads.
  2. It is platform-friendly and lets you save streams for later perusal.
  3. OnTheFly has powerful collaboration tools in its repository for user’s interactions.

What does OnTheFly lack the most?

You may be able to stream content only from the website. As OnTheFly’s app development is still in progress.

2. LiveWebinar

Platform That Transforms Sessions To Sensations

best webinar platforms

The second on our list is LiveWebinar, a popular webinar hosting studio that lets you broadcast content streams to fans, friends, followers, or clients.

Along with this, they also support streaming to multiple social media platforms like Vimeo, Facebook, and YouTube. 

But these aren’t their standouts, as features like customizations, monetization on webinar events, having breakout rooms for attendees, and custom platform development are what sets LiveWebinar apart.

How much does it cost to use LiveWebinar? 

LiveWebinar offers three different plans:

  1. A free plan with hosting constraints.
  2. Pro plan that’s billed at $17.99/month.
  3. Business plan coming at $143/month.
  4. Enterprise plan that offers complete customization and premium support.

What is LiveWebinar best at?

  1. Customizations on forms and registration pages.
  2. Breakout rooms for webinars or meetings.
  3. Exquisite features without the need to install software.

What does LiveWebinar lack the most?

  1. The Assistant login process is cumbersome.
  2. Issues persist when connected via the app.

Moving on!

3. BlueJeans

Powerful Webinars Igniting Eternal Engagements

free webinar hosting

Just bid your goodbyes to some of the boring webinar streaming platforms and hello to BlueJeans, which allows hosts to add captions while presenting a meeting. 

Yes! This particular platform offers automated closed-captioning for all your presentations so that attendees can grab and follow the idea behind your webinar. Well, these ain’t all.

Because, in addition to the above, there are features like waiting areas, Q&A sessions, live polling, chats, pausing broadcasts, and more. 

How much does it cost to use BlueJeans? 

BlueJeans is billed at $9.99 per month and per host. 

What is BlueJeans best at?

  1. No software download required
  2. Their base plan includes a closed captioning concept
  3. It is supported by Verizon

What does BlueJeans lack the most?

  1. Account upgradation seems difficult and to do so, one must repurchase or cancel their existing account.

Next up is!

4. ClickMeeting

Webinar Software Fostering Connection and Collaboration

create webinars

Is your system already overloaded with multiple applications? Worry less, as this webinar service will let you access their platform without having to download any software.

You heard it right! You can access ClickMeeting from your browser to conduct seminars or demos for students, clients, or teams.

Plus, they hold onto a major capacity level to organize larger online events. All thanks to their servers!!

How much does it cost to use ClickMeeting? 

ClickMeeting comes with three plans:

  1. Live plan that users can avail at $25 per month.
  2. Automated which begins at $40 per month.
  3. Custom plan to choose your choice of features, appreciated if you reach out to their sales team.

What is ClickMeeting best at?

  1. They offer free trials, chat moderation, and a chat translation feature which many competitors don’t render.
  2. It requires no installation or download.
  3. Can host unlimited meetings.

What does ClickMeeting lack the most?

  1. Highly expensive and not applicable for smaller enterprises.

Moving ahead!

5. BigMarker

The Best Customizable Webinar Software

webinar hosting

Rated as the #1 webinar and marketing platform by many, BigMarker is known to easily boost user engagement by having tools that allow creators to chat with them during the presentation.

And the best part of BigMarker is that it supports up to 9 presenters, has complete customization features, and has an international reach. Amazing is it not?

Surprisingly, these ain’t the wow factor! As they have interactive pop-ups to engage with audiences in the best way possible. 

How much does it cost to use BigMarker? 

BigMarker comes with three plans:

  1. Starter that is priced at $99/month.
  2. Elite plan that is billed at $199/month.
  3. Premier package that supports up to 1000 attendees for $499/month.

What is BigMarker best at?

  1. Supports hosting up to 500,000 attendees.
  2. Allows integration with CRM and other marketing software.

What does BigMarker lack the most?

  1. BigMarker lacks transparency when it comes to pricing and automated webinars are not available in the base plan.

The next one on the list is,

6. WebEx

A Secured Webinar Platform With Interactive Tools

webinar streaming services

Created by Cisco, WebEs is one of the prominent webinar platforms for content creators and businesses to host virtual meetings and seminars for a larger audience. 

Oh, wait! These are not the major highlights of WebEx, as their set of interactive tools and features like instant messaging and calling, background noise removal, meeting transcriptions, and translation options pulls viewers closer to their platform.

Plus, if hosts find it difficult to navigate through the software, WebEx’s intelligent AI helps with that too.

How much does it cost to use WebEx? 

WebEx has 4 different price tiers. Of which they have categorized based on Meet and Calls.

  1. Meet plan for conducting HD meetings. They are billed at $13.50.month.
  2. Call tag that allows users to have a cloud-based phone number and comes at $17/month.
  3. WebEx suite at $25/month.
  4. Enterprise plan that offers complete customizations.

What is WebEX best at?

  1. Its language translation feature translates the webinars to 100+ languages.
  2. Supports hosting up to 100,000 attendees.
  3. Includes live polling features.

What does WebEX lack the most?

  1. Features like real-time translation are billed at a higher fare.
  2. To get started, you need sales team support.

Let’s get onto the next one.


A Brilliant Webinar Tool Broadcasting HQ-Streams

 live webinar

Dacast webinar hosting platform is well-liked by content creators primarily because of its secured video hosting capabilities and monetization options.

Meaning, they allow you to stream webinar content to your followers through highly secured channels and let you make money from your streams.

With these, they also offer features like dedicated tech support, a 2-week free trial, and a few others.

How much does it cost to use Dacast? 

Dacast comes to the market in four different flexible plans.

  1. Starter plan at $39/month.
  2. Event tier at $63/month.
  3. Scale tag at $188/month.
  4. Custom plan whose pricing can be known from the sales team.

What is Dacast best at?

  1. Dacast is super easy to use and their platform is highly reliable.
  2. They are backed by the industry’s support team.
  3. Excellent feature suites.

What does Dacast lack the most?

  1. Subscribers found it difficult to upload videos.
  2. Lacks customization on basic features.

Moving on,

8. Zoom

A Live Webinar Platform Bringing Miles Closer

 Live Webinar Platform

Like they say, Zoom is for everyone. And especially post-pandemic, Zoom became a well-known household name, with many connecting to this video conferencing platform for conducting webinars and online meetups.

But have you got the slightest idea that you can monetize content on your videos? Well, they support it. Plus, Zoom is known for features like third-party integrations, analytical tools, custom webinar branding, exporting attendee lists, and more.

How much does it cost to use Zoom? 

Zoom offers two pricing tiers that are billed annually.

  1. Zoom Events that come at $890 to $84,400/year.
  2. Zoom Webinar at $690- $64,900/year.

What is Zoom best at?

  1. Allows integration with CRM software.
  2. Offers mobile apps with a user-friendly interface.

What does Zoom lack the most?

  1. They are quite expensive when compared with their peers.
  2. Does not support automated webinar features.

The next webinar platform is completely launched for audience engagement.

9. Zoho Meeting

Turn Every Meeting To Powerful Webinar Events

free webinars

From HD-quality video meetings to screen sharing to conducting webinars, Zoho Meeting stands as the most secure webinar platform in the market.

Plus, their user interface is simple and they come at an affordable price. 

How much does it cost to use Zoho Meeting? 

Zoho Meeting offers three pricing tiers.

  1. A free plan that supports up to 100 participants.
  2. Meeting plan that comes at $3/host.
  3. Webinar plan that is billed at $16/month/host organizer.

What is Zoho Meeting best at?

  1. Best-in-class features with integration support to CRM.
  2. Provides mobile app support.
  3. Their free plan supports up to 100 users.

What does Zoho Meeting lack the most?

  1. It does not have automated webinars.
  2. Their paid plans are expensive.

Next up on the list,

10. Google Meet

A Powerful Webinar Platform For Endless Retention

bestwebinar software

Hosting a project webinar session for 3-whole hours or conducting a seminar for students explaining the concepts of Algebra, then Google Meet comes as the ideal choice.

As, Google Meet allows individuals to connect and collaborate with teams and audiences via the highest quality streams and no buffers. 

With these, they also have features like shared whiteboards, polls, Q&A sessions, voting, and more.

How much does it cost to use Google Meet? 

Google Meet is free to users whoever has a Gmail account. And if you need high-end features, then Google Workspace comes at $8 per user per month.

What is Google Meet best at?

  1. Completely free to use and holds the best features.
  2. Super convenient to get connected with people.

What does Google Meet lack the most?

  1. Requires a sturdy internet connection.

Alas! We’ve covered the entire list!

Final Closure!

There you have it- the list of some of the best webinar hosting platforms for content creators like you who are stead-hard in bringing larger audiences to your hood and showcasing your skill.

To make this happen, we believe that we have done our part through this blog in helping you find the right platform for your needs. 

Plus, if you are looking for some modern live streaming platforms beyond webinars, we would guide you on this journey too.

Till then, happy reading!

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