Understanding Twilio Video Pricing Structure & Plans [2024]

twilio video pricing

Twilio is a purely CPaaS provider of communication solutions that has established its legacy as one of the best SDK providers of video, voice, SMS, and emails. Just not this, the cloud-based solution has dedicated web chat APIs to build highly responsive communication apps.

But, what is Twilio’s pricing? And that’s what this blog is all about. We will navigate through the different plans of the Twilio video, learning each product’s “About“, and their pricing structure. 

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An Overview of Twilio Products and Pricing Plans

Twilio breaks down its products into two different categories and they are Application and Channel APIs.

Twilio Applications are nothing but ready-to-use software services that are built for specific use cases. And these apps can be either used on a subscription basis or on the pay-per-use model.

The Twilio’s Channel APIs help developer

s add exquisite video, messaging, and phone features to existing apps or websites. And the APIs are billed on usage, either per minute or on every message.

Did you know? While we are busy scrolling through the pricing modules of Twilio Video, their programmable video is soon facing the end of life. So, in case you are looking for a Twilio video alternative, we have an in-depth comparison of the different providers. 

Now, let us see

Twilio Applications Pricing

Below is a list of applications that Twilio offers and their pricing models:

1. SendGrid Marketing Campaigns

SendGrid Marketing Campaigns application is an easy-to-use software solution that can be added using a drag-and-drop visual editor or a code editor, and requires no coding.

Plus, its dashboard helps to manage contacts, design email types like newsletters, product announcements, and welcome emails, assess campaign success, and more.

SendGrid Marketing Campaigns Twilio Cost

It offers three plans and is billed based on the number of emails sent and contacts added.

1. Free: Their account can be used by a single person with restrictions on features. Plus, only 2000 contacts can be added and 6000 emails can be sent. This plan works well if you are a newbie and campaigning for the first time.

2. Basic: Again, this plan supports a single person on the account, plus bills

  • $15/month – 5k contacts, 15k emails
  • $50/month – 20k contacts, 60k emails
  • $200/month – 100k contacts, 300k emails

3. Advanced: Supports up to 100 persons per account, plus bills

  • $60/month – 15k contacts, 50k emails per day,  $900/month – 190k contacts, 950k emails.

2. Twilio Flex

Twilio Flex is an omnichannel contact center platform that is primarily known for elevating the customer engagement levels to peak. It allows customers to interact via emails, SMS, WhatsApp, FB, WebChat, and phone with agents in a single interface.

Plus, the Twilio Flex dashboard also provides access to businesses like automation features, third-party integrations, customized communication channels, analytics, and more. 

Twilio Flex Pricing

  1. Free: 5000 hours
  2. Per-hour pricing: $1
  3. Per-month pricing: $150

3. Twilio Engage & Segment

As it goes with the name, Twilio Engage & Segment is a customer engagement platform and a marketing one that collects real-time data of users, and updates their profiles, and segments based on choices.

The above capabilities are done by the Segment interface, whereas the Engage module uses the information collected to craft customer journeys, enhance relationships, and provide analytics.

Twilio Engage & Segment Pricing

It offers three plans:

  1. Free: Includes 2 sources, 300+ integrations, 1k visitors/month
  2. Team: $120/month includes 10k visitors/month, unlimited sources, and 1 data warehouse destination
  3. Business: Custom pricing with all advanced features like HIPAA, customizations, and more

4. Twilio Frontline

Twilio Frontline is a mobile app built for the sales team to keep track of leads and customers by using Conversations API. These APIs are used to add voice and SMS features to chat apps. 

Plus, the app has custom routing, CRM integration, and engagement tracking options helpful for agents.

Twilio Frontline Pricing

This solution is priced into three categories, all of which are based on per per-user per month basis.

  1. Free: up to 5 seats
  2. Team: $20 per user per month, supports up to 1k seats.
  3. Enterprise: Custom pricing, supports up to 1001+ seats.

Now up for,

Twilio Communication Channel APIs

These APIs can be integrated into any application, website, or platform and start building in-app communication solutions. 

Example: A programmable video API lets add IVR options to existing apps.

Let us see the different communication APIs of Twilio

1. Programmable Messaging API

The Programmable Messaging API allows businesses to send automated messages to customers spread across 180 countries via WhatsApp, MMS, or SMS using their network. 

The automated messages can be delivery updates, appointments, emergency alerts, 2FA, and more.

Programmable API Twilio Pricing

It offers two types: pay-as-you-go and pay-per-use for SMS, MMS, Webchat, and WhatsApp. Additionally, discounts are applicable when the volume reaches more than 5 million messages. Let us see for WhatsApp messaging below:

  1. Free: First 1000 free per month
  2. WhatsApp: $0.05 per message
  3. WhatsApp (user-initiated): $0.0088 per conversation
  4. WhatsApp (business-initiated): $0.0147 per conversation

2. Conversations API

This type lets businesses add interaction capabilities for users to converse using channels like SMS, MMS, Webchat, and FB. Plus, they are useful for building customer relationships, and enhancing customer support in e-commerce sectors. 

Conversations API Twilio Pricing

It follows a per-user and per-message format. And their volume discounts are listed below:

  • Free: Up to 200 users
  • 2. $0.05: up to 5k users
  • 3. $0.0475: up to 10k users
  • 4. $0.0450: up to 20k users

3. Programmable Voice

This type of Twilio solution, Programmable Voice APIs helps developers to build highly responsive, quality, and immersive voice experiences across different platforms. Plus, the solution helps them to create IVRs, phone calls, and more.

But how is it possible? Using a robust set of APIs that makes integration and customization of features seamlessly possible.

Programmable Voice Twilio Pricing

The pricing is categorized into Pay-as-you-go and BYOC Trunking Pricing and is based on usage of minutes, inbound/outbound call duration, recording, and transcription features.

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4. Programmable Video

Programmable Video APIs help developers or businesses add video communication capabilities like video conferencing, group video calls, collaboration, and other features to their chat apps. 

With these, it is quite easy to enhance user engagement levels and retention rates.

Programmable Video Pricing

They offer 4 pricing tiers that are based on participant connections, video minutes, and additional features such as recording.

  1. Free: 1:1 video
  2. Video P2P: $0.0015 per participant per minute, up to 3 participants
  3. Video Groups: $0.004 up to 50 participants
  4. High Volume: Custom pricing for large audiences

5. SendGrid Email API 

These APIs are used by enterprises to add email functionalities to their applications. By doing so, they can send and track all the transactional and marketing emails, customize the email templates, and worry less about reliability.

Plus, businesses can get real-time data on email marketing campaign performance using analytics.

SendGrid Email API Twilio Cost

It has 4 pricing tiers that are based on the number of emails per month and advanced features like dedicated IP address and analytics.

  1. Free: Includes all core features with restrictions on sending 100 emails per day. One team person can use the account
  2. Essentials: $19.95/month with all core features and 50k email limit
  3. Pro: Suitable for LSBs and supports 1000 teammates
    $89.95/month for 150k emails
    $749/month for 1.4 million emails.
  4. Premier: Custom pricing with support from Twilio’s team
    So there you go with the different Twilio applications and their cost. 

Wrapping Up!

We do understand that Twilio Video is a perfect choice for businesses of all sizes, being the most reliable CPaaS platform with flexible pricing options.

But does it give you enough customization options for tailor-made experiences, on-premise deployment models, or feature sets, or user-friendliness? Well no, and that’s where MirrorFly’s self-hosted SDKs come into play, offering all the above and more.

Thus making us a versatile, robust, and powerful chat and video SDK provider in the market.

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