Top 10 Video SDKs that Collaborates the World

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“Video SDK, a powerful tool behind the upgrade of every business.”

Whether it’s about face-to-face interaction or exchange of data, the blooming technology of video calling software has changed the perspective of global collaboration among people. 

According to Statista as of January 2022, around 40% of people are using video calling for work purposes in the United States and United Kingdom which is comparatively higher than 2020’s statistic, where overall worldwide usage of video call meeting platform was around 60% only.

Keeping every streamline in account, this post will guide you to know more on video SDKs – Yes, I have covered the technology with market sense describing the features, needs, integration process, and more.

So, let’s begin!

What is a Video SDK? – An Overview

Video SDK provides you the best APIs to integrate the chat/video into your application. It enables the users to have an improved video engagement with a highly reliable video conferencing set up. It also coordinates with the modern technologies like JavaScript, React JS, React Native Android, Swift, and Flutter, to have uninterrupted interaction across a variety of platforms.

Moreover, these video chat SDKs allow you to access the most scalable chat infrastructure with ease. It supports you to unlock and expand your customer base with one-to-one chat and on-camera calls.

Now, let’s have some insight on the history of these video SDK platforms.

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History & Revolution Behind the Rise of Video SDKs

If we look upon the history of video SDKs, let me introduce you to the core history of video conferencing taking you back to the 1800s. Yes, the period  where the two-way video was not at point and it didn’t emerge with any until the 1930s.

Today where technology is rolling around, in the 1800s after the invention of the telephone people started to crave for something more than hearing alone with no idea of face-to-face interaction. As a result the roller-coaster of evolution took a start. But, as every evolution takes its own time and makes its own way, even video conferencing took decades to build its reality. 

Finally, the search came to an end with its first video conferencing call on Apple’s iPhone by having a face-to-face interaction using video APIs in the later 2010.  After which, the application was further trolled at many stages of  improvement with additional video calling features and functionalities.

In the later stage all these video calling functionalities combined together and made into a development kit that was named as video SDK, a complete set of video calling APIs.

Furthermore with video SDKs, let’s study its market reach to grab on its current need in businesses.

Some of the Best Video Call API & SDK Providers in 2022

When it is about video SDKs, it’s quite common for every business to desire for something secure, fast, and reliable video calling capabilities for their mobile and web app. 

Well, considering the same here I have made a list of some of the top most video calling SDK providers that can drive traffic for your business. So, with no delay let’s get started.

1. CONTUS MirrorFly – “Backed by Most Advanced Video Call SDKs” 

video sdk platform

CONTUS MirrorFly’s video SDKs offer a full range of industry-standard features that work across all the platforms. These include a variety of features like video call scheduling, screen sharing and annotations, recording, and much more.

Since it’s a user-friendly video solution it provides high-end scalability which is customizable for all kinds of businesses in both SaaS and SaaP scenarios. It also offers the best analytics dashboard which is one among the powerful features that enables the administrators to monitor the use of the services. 

CONTUS MirrorFly’s collaborative features include all modes of communication – chat, video and voice calling that can be integrated into any device like iOS, Android and web app. Moreover, its advanced video calling features are highly compatible to work with all major operational difficulties easily, letting you experience the best live video calling experience. 

Features of MirrorFly Video SDKs with APIs 

  • Private and Group Video Calling
  • Multi-party Conferencing
  • Media Screen Sharing
  • Live Broadcasting
  • Self-managed (one-time licensed cost) & On-cloud (pay-as-you-go) pricing
  • Video Call Recording

Hosting – Your On-cloud or our On-cloud/On-premises hosting infrastructure

Supporting Platform – iOS, Android, and Web App

Are you Ready to Build Video Chat App for Your Business!

2. Twilio – “Video SDKs that Make a Mobile-Friendly App”

Video call platform

Twilio is a fully customized and scalable video SDKs that contributes in the best video chat app development and enhancement. They build the connectivity across the application that can build capitalism. It permits the programmable chat and video based interactions in real-time with more on scalability. 

Being a perfect fit for the enterprises it supports the organizations to engage its users at every level of conversation journey. This solution comes with very flexible APIs like built-in intelligence, global infrastructure and many more.

Features of Twilio Video SDKs with APIs

  • Read Receipts
  • File Sharing
  • Video Calling and Recording
  • Group Video Conferencing
  • 24/7 support with mail and chat
  • More on features with an intuitive interface

Hosting – Your On-cloud or our On-cloud hosting infrastructure

Supporting Platform – iOS, Android and Web App

3. Sendbird – “Most Comprehensive Features to Deal” 

Video chat platform

A full-featured video calling SDK that was found in the year 2013, which has made a substantial growth in the upcoming years. Its flexible features makes it possible to integrate its capabilities easily into any current application, regardless of industries. With in-app video integration, its video APIs and SDK let their users experience the most modern video experience.

Sendbird’s video SDKs makes the development process much easier in no time to make a quick market launch irrespective of domains such as finance, eCommerce, healthcare and much more.

Features of Sendbird Video SDKs with APIs

  • Auto Translation
  • Voice and Video Calling/Recording
  • In-app Support
  • Online/Offline messaging
  • Group Storage
  • File Sharing

Hosting – Your On-cloud or our On-cloud hosting infrastructure

Supporting Platform – Mobile and Web App

4. PubNub – “Easy to Scale Virtual Events” 

top video chat software

PubNub is the most popular real-time communication platform that was founded in the year 2010. It provides space for the users to connect and collaborate across multiple devices in real-time.

Its chat, voice and video calling APIs and SDKs are highly compatible to get you the more fine-tuned user retention and loyalty, by keeping the discussion spam-free with much lesser customer support expenses that too with no compromise on quality. Even the extensive functionalities it offers are fully accessible and can be controlled and customized easily. 

Features of PubNub Video SDKs with APIs

  • Push Notifications
  • Private Video Calling
  • Location Tracking
  • IoT devices Chat
  • Group Video Calling
  • Call History

Hosting – Your On-cloud or our On-cloud/On-premises hosting infrastructure

Supporting Platform – Mobile and Web App

5. Enablex“Engaging Platform For Live Event In Real-Time “

Video chat software

ExableX video SDKs provide the developers with the place to create a real-time video calling experience by integrating their high-quality interactive video call APIs. They also provide APIs, SDKs and low code to develop any video calling app quickly without much effort.

It supports the need of every industry to build their video application irrespective of platforms including iOS, Android, and web app. However, its live interactive broadcast feature broadcasts a variety of content directly from the device across the social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Features of Enablex Video SDKs with APIs 

  • Fully Customizable Features
  • End-to-end Encryption
  • Customizable UI with tangible layouts
  • One-time payment
  • Multiplatform supportive
  • More advanced features like breakout channel, background blurring

Hosting – Your On-cloud or our On-cloud/On-premises, and Hybrid hosting infrastructure

Supporting Platform – iOS, Android and Web App

6. QuickBlox – “With UI Rendering Elements for Specific DOM” 

Best video chat platform

QuickBlox is an infrastructure platform with CPaaS that mainly focuses on providing secure privacy-aware features and functionalities for all kinds of businesses. It collaborates with all modes of communications such as chat, voice and video calling. It has a set of video SDKs that comes with a full native library for iOS and Android. 

With reference to technology, it provides complete support for Flutter, React Native and RESTful API. The most desirable point with EnableX is that its video SDKs provide a variety of API addons to perform the action of pre-process and post-process during the session in both real-time and in-session data.

Features of QuickBlox Video SDKs with APIs 

  • Waiting lobby for the participants
  • Screen Sharing 
  • Whiteboard 
  • Full-fledged control over video and media floor
  • Breakout room for small group conversation
  • Moderated entry for participants

Hosting – Your On-cloud or our On-cloud hosting infrastructure

Supporting Platform – Mobile and Web App

7. Cometchat – “Easy to Implement in All” 

Video meeting software

CometChat is an in-app communication platform that allows users and their businesses to collaborate with one another across the world. It has accomplished its growth with in-built monetization, administration, moderation and collaboration tools. 

Its well-equipped design chat, voice and video SDKs are compatible with all the modern technologies such as Kotlin, Swift, React, PHP/Laravel, React Native and more. It also ensures an end-to-end encryption for safety and confidentiality over user’s conversations and data.

Features of CometChat Video SDKs with APIs 

  • Custom Messages
  • One-to-one/Group video calling
  • Webhooks
  • Read Indicators
  • Screen Sharing
  • Typing Indicators

Hosting – Your On-cloud or our On-cloud hosting infrastructure

Supporting Platform – iOS, Android, and Web App

8. Agora – “REST protocol for easy API integration” 

Video platform

Agora is a real-time engagement platform that builds a new future for the people with their powerful chat, voice and video Chat SDKs and APIs. It delivers the video call and live streaming services with voice and chat in real-time. The company is working towards its growth to explore more in the virtual world by building real-time connections.

With Agora video SDKs, anybody can experience an engaging video calling session simply by integrating its vivid voice and video APIs. Its video SDKs come with the building blocks that enable the real-time engagement possibilities across multiple platforms.

Features of Agora Video SDKs with APIs 

  • High-end scalability
  • Multi-platform supportive
  • One-to-one/group chat, voice and video functionalities
  • High-end encryption
  • Minimum usage of battery 
  • Extensive APIs with customizable UI extension

Hosting – Your On-cloud or our On-cloud hosting infrastructure

Supporting Platform – iOS, Android, and Web App

9. Apphitect “World-class Customization Service ” 

Video group call software

Apphitect is a leading mobile app development company in UAE that’s established in 2008. It offers a high-end scalability and security due to which these real-time communication features of chat, voice and video calling APIs and SDKs are available at one-time license cost with a complete customization option.

The design of its frontend and backend are highly compatible to get adapted to any technology easily. Its VoIP/SIP calling features enables the users to have a fine-tune interaction via voice and video calling features.

Features of Apphitect Video SDKs with APIs 

  • 1 billion+ concurrent users
  • 100% customization with over 150+ chat features
  • Highly flexible to integrate
  • End-to-end encryption with enterprise-grade protocols
  • Video/voice call recording
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)

Hosting – Your On-cloud or our On-cloud/On-premises hosting infrastructure

Supporting Platform – iOS, Android, and Web App

10. Sinch“Build Strong Connections” 

Video software

Sinch offers a variety of real-time SDKs to interact over the internet. Its video SDKs and APIs can be easily implemented into any existing mobile or web application to enable any video conferencing. Sinch supports all kinds of industries with their extensive solutions. This includes health, retail, media and entertainment, telecommunication, and more.

Being a user-friendly video SDK, all its video calling APIs offer a quick messaging SDK and API across devices like iOS, android and web apps. Moreover, it provides a full-fledged freedom to their users with customization and support options of SIP, VoIP and PSTN.

Features of Sinch Video SDKs with APIs 

  • High quality video calling
  • Live broadcasting
  • 600+ operators connections across the world
  • User-friendly intuitive interface
  • Advanced extensive features
  • Video call recording

Hosting – Your On-cloud or our On-cloud hosting infrastructure

Supporting Platform – iOS, Android, and Web App

Well, the above are some of the major video SDK providers of the current market, but if you move on with the search you can definitely find some more out there.

Now, let’s understand some more in detail as to how these video SDKs can be integrated into any application, as of course there might be some procedure, right. So, let’s see further.

How Do Video SDKs Interact with Any Application?

To have a better understanding with the integration process, let’s see everything in a step-by-step manner starting from creating a room until you attend a video conferencing.

Create a Room to Interact 

  1. First the server application will ask the video SDK to create a room to have a small group conversation
  2. For which the SDK will validate the provided information and then move on with creating a new room
  3. Once the room is created, the video SDK will respond with a Room SID – which is a unique identifier that can be used in API requests.

Let’s further understand the above stated concept  detail.

Process for client 1 to get the Access Token 

As already said it is compulsory for the client to get an access token to get connected to a meeting room. This ensures the client that their application has complete control over the situation as who is authorized to join the meeting room, and more.

  1. First, the client 1 will request for an access token from the application server. This is usually performed through the HTTP request received from the client app.
  2. Here, the application server uses the video SDK account credentials to generate a secure access token.
  3. Henceforth, client 1 will obtain the access token.

Process Once client 1 gets connected to the meeting room 

  1. Once the client 1 gets connected to the room with the video SDK connect interface, the validation process is carried out by fetching their access token.
  2. It’s the video SDK that verifies the access token here. If the access gets validated, the connection between the room and the client will move on further with the meeting.
  3. Thus, the client becomes a participant in the meeting room and can further get access to subscribe or publish media tracks from other participants.

Now, after exploring so many things about these video SDK implementations and their providers, if you still feel which one is the best to approach, then let me suggest you have a check with CONTUS MirrorFly. 

Why MirrorFly’s Video SDKs are The Best Choice – Key Reasons!

If you look around the market you can find a lot more video calling API and SDK providers. But if you ask me to suggest one among them then I will prefer you to have a check with CONTUS MirrorFly based on certain criteria like their market experience, uniqueness in features and more. So, let’s see.

  • High-end scalability

This solution lets you connect with over 1 billion + users across the world at once regardless of time zone.

  • Best hosting infrastructure

CONTUS MirrorFly provides an open option for hosting as on your cloud or our cloud/premises depending upon your business.

  • Highly skilled developers

Do you lack a team of developers, No worries! Our solution answers you with a hiring option of in-house dedicated and proficient team of developers to work for your project.

  • Easy to Integrate

You can find a high-end support with UI kit and guided documentation that enables you to integrate its APIs into any mobile and web app easily.

  • Effortless migration

You will be provided with a team of skillful developers who will take care of the entire migration process starting from the backup to export of data into our system without interruption.

  • Pricing – Self-managed (One-time license cost) & On-cloud (monthly subscription) 

CONTUS MirrorFly gives you an open choice with pricing options with both SaaP and SaaS pricing wherein you can choose the one which is convenient for your business model.

Final Thoughts!

Well, now you would have got a better idea about video SDKs and how easy it has made the businesses and related stuff to move on. 

So, if this post interests you to build your video calling app with more advanced features, then feel free to contact us for further guidance. With years of experience in the field of video SDK and API technology, our developers are there to assist you to bring your dream video call app into reality.

”I found that working with Digital is a way for me to connect with people much easier. The simple act of shaping my career to make something functional which brings me to the endless satisfaction.”

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